20 January 2006

Me on the top of the world
We have been quite active during the 2005 December holidays. Amongst other me and Conroy have done the 6-day Tsitsikamma hiking trail (Western Cape, South Africa) with our backpacks. The Hike starts at Natures Valley along the coast and then winds its way up and over the Tsitsikamma mountains, ending at Storms River Village. The total distance is +/- 65km. It is always very sole refreshing for us to be in and one with nature.
The scenery was absolutely stunning and there were photo opportunities everywhere. The area had an 18-day fire during November 2005 and evidence of this was all around us every day. Apart from +/-60% of the route being burnt it was still beautiful in a different way. Contrasts in colours i.e. green grass growing again, black tree stumps, burnt brown leaves and blue skies with white clouds made for stunning photos as can be seen from the photos below.

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  1. Just wondering where the photos are as you said "as can be seen from the photo's below". It looks incredible from the photo that you have posted at the top of this blog. Hugs ~ Charlene


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