08 February 2006

CLIMBING BOTHAS HILL Sunday, 12 February 2006 : Kloof, Durban Once again it was an early rise on Sunday (4:30am) to do the Kearsney College road race. I did the 16km Walk and Conroy the 21.1km Run. It was the fourth year that I endured self inflicted pain on this route. The creator/founder of this route really went out of his/her way to find all the hills in the Botha's Hill area. We started the race from within the Kearsney College grounds in cool misty conditions (a blessing in disguise) at 6:00am. The sun made its appearance after about 90 minutes into the race. Cows, donkeys, chicken holdings (the smell !!!) and excited dogs are amongst the sites and sounds along the very scenic route which runs through various small holdings and farms. At the finish the athletes were treated to free T-shirts, a beer, a packet of chips, a sun cap, a cup of coffee/tea and a hot-cross bun (yes, Easter is on our doorstep). My time was 2h12min for the 16km Walk and Conroy's time was 2h12min for the 21.1km Run. Afterwards breakfast was at the Emberton Coffee Shop where you can fill your 'tank' and have your car washed at the same time. Signing off: Bothas Hill Conquerors

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