05 April 2006

Strelitzia reginae
BIRD OF PARADISE SPLENDOUR - Wednesday, 5 April 2006

For the first time in four years all the Strelitzias in our garden are flowering profusely with orange pockets of colour all round. This is all thanks to the local clan of monkies who has got bored with the taste of strelitzia and has been excluding this from their diet the last season.

The most cutest and jolly little brightly coloured sun birds have been frequenting the strelitzia flowers, darting from one flower to the next to be the first to get that sought after beakfull of nectar. No wonder they are so jolly and hyperactive - it must be all the sweet(nes)s. Fortunately their parents do not know about Rittelin?

Interesting facts about the Strelitzia:

  • Its common name is the Crane flower
  • Its an evergreen shrub
  • The birds automatically cross-pollinate the next plant visited
  • It grows to 1,5x1,5m
  • Cut flowers last well
  • It is one of South Africa's most successful exports
  • A traditional remedy prepared from the flower is used to deal with swollen glands

- Flowering beauty signing off

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