22 October 2006

CAROL THE QUILTING QUEEN - Thursday, 19 October 2006 A thank you note from Carol's brother Eddie: "Dear Carol Eddie and I do not know exactly how to thank you for the absolutely tremendous gift of the handmade quilt you have just sent to us. We can only but express our deepest gratitude to you for the truly amazing family quilt - we are totally knocked out about it. When Alan gave it to us last night (his first night here), we have Gareth, Halina, and the 3 of us. We were all together to welcome ALan and have pizza and a drink together. Well Carol I was totally speechless, literally could not speak and just cried. When we never even had a clue that this was coming made it even more of a lovely, lovely surprise. The amount of hours that you put into making it is truly appreciated. THANK YOU -THANK YOU - THANK YOU. Today I took it to work with me on the bus to "show and tell". My work mates were absolutely amazed as well. They too could not believe such a work of art. They were very envious and realised how special our family is to us and to you over there in South Africa. We will also be showing my side of the family and some friends when they all come to our house to meet Alan for a braai on Sunday 5 November. Can't wait !! Carol thank you both for this wonderful git , and particularly to you for the hours of work that you have put into this amazing "quilt" of many colours and pictures!! Thank you too for the card - very special - at my work they could not believe that it was Eddie and me at such a young age. Alan is fine - we just have not stopped talking. We have made up a very "active" itinerary so when he gets back he will probably sleep for a night and day! Love to you both from the two of us Susan and Eddie" Carol, a member of the TP-Gang is also a famous Quilting Queen. She has lovingly slaved away at this huge quilt, measuring approx. 2,5m x 1.8m. Here are some interesting facts in the form of a Q&A - thanks to TP for the input.

How long did it take her to make the quilt? She was very dedicated to getting it finished and was also working with the deadline of her brother Alan leaving for Australia to take it with him so at the most it took her just under two months. What is the quilt design called? Carol's version of the Quilt is based on a design that was designed by our quilting teacher, Bev Essers. Carol has added the photo's and sayings in instead of some of the applique that was in the original design. For whom did she make the quilt and for what reason? Her brother Eddie (who is unfortunately battling with cancer) and his wife Susan. They are both celebrating their 60th birthdays this year. Where is she sending the quilt to? The quilt is going to Australia, her brother Alan and his wife are going there this week and will be taking the quilt with them to give to Eddie and Susan. How did she get the photos on there? Our quilting shop sells stuff to prep the fabric. you have to soak the fabric in it and mush it around, then sun dry it and iron it, cut it to paper size and can then feed it through your normal ink jet printer. It then has to be washed again and is finally ready to be appliquéd on. Any other interesting tit bits. Eddie and Susan have been together since high school. The guinea fowl print on the back of the quilt was specifically chosen by Carol to remind her brother and his wife of Africa. Carol added a quote from Desmond Tutu as Eddie and his wife were friendly with him when they lived in SA. The photos included are of: Carols youngest daughter, Lauren with husband Tim and baby, Charles Carol and Laurence Carol's oldest daughter, Lisa and her fiancé, Jason A copy of Eddie and Susan's wedding invitation Carol's brother Alan and his wife, Megan, with their two children Cheryl and Cameron Eddie and Susan and their children Gareth & Helena - the lucky recipients of the quilt

- Envious signing off


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    That is absolutely beautiful Carol, your brother and his wife are going to love it.


    Michelle (outside walker of the BH Gang!)

  2. Carol, stop trying to be the teachers pet :)


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