05 October 2006

IRRESISTIBLE IRIS ENCHANTMENT - 5 October 2006 Interesting facts about the Iris flower: In ancient times Iris roots were used in perfume and medicine. Today Iris essential oil from flowers are sometimes used in Aromatherapy as sedative medicines. The dried roots are also given whole to babies to help in teething. Perfumery: Iris roots are harvested, dried, and aged for up to 5 years. In this time, the fats and oils inside the roots undergo degradation and oxidation, which produces many fragrant compounds that are invaluable in perfumery. The aged roots are steam distilled which produces a thick oily compound, known in the perfume industry as iris butter. Art: The Artist Vincent van Gogh has painted several famous pictures of irises. Scrapbooking: Tha Teacha could not resist creating this layout of the Irises flowering profusely in their Coghill Avenue garden for one day during September this year. When Irises flower it is usually an indication of rainy weather ahead - and in this case it was true.

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  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Beatiful - the layout and the flower. It is a flower I also enjoy.


    Michelle (the outside walker)


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