09 October 2006

NICOLA'S WICKED DREAM - Monday, 9 October 2006 Nicola (the other half of the Greek Connection) gave me a courtesy call this morning at work just to put her own mind at ease. She wanted to know whether I am okay in 'all aspects'. This had me worried - what have I done now? and the thought of 'guilty until proven' gave me some consolation. The conversation went more or less like this: Nicola: 'Hi Desire, I thought I just had to give you a call this morning to make sure that you are okay. Desire: 'I am very well this Monday morning, why are you asking?' Nicola: 'No, because I had a strange dream about you last night' Desire: 'Oh no!' Nicola: 'No it was not a bad dream at all. I dreamt that it was your birthday and their were thousands of people celebrating at a swimming pool, whilst you were on a bicycle cycling around-and-around the pool.' Desire: 'What a strange dream - I definitely do not want to celebrate my birthday twice in one year - one is getting older faster these days, no need to speed things up.' Nicola: 'Glad to hear that you are okay - now I can relax. Bye for now. See you Thursday night.' Tha Teacha trust that she is not giving her students nightmares!!


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Beware the "Greeks". She could be physicing you up for something!!!!

    Michelle (The outside walker)

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Hey Outside Walker

    You are right BEWARE!
    You happily sit next to me at scrapathons, laughing and joking around but, NO, I did not crack the nod to your social scrapping afternoons. Seens as you have another coming in October (or so I hear,) maybe you should think carefully about increasing the numbers at you social. OR ELSE maybe it'll YOU I will be having nightmares about!!!!!!!!

    YOU KNOW WHO I AM........

  3. Anonymous6:06 AM

    To "You know who I am" I am an invitee to the Botha's Hill Gang's social scraping afternoon. You would have to get the nod from the Gang Leader - Rayna. You better hope she reads this!!

    Michelle (The outside walker of the Botha's Hill Gang)

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Mambalina darling...........I have to agree with you, I think the numbers should be increased to include us darling TP members???? Come on, Michelle - with the very long code name - hand out some more of those PS bars and elbow us in??


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