01 November 2006

Back Sitting: Gerry Prior, Campbell Alexander, Julian Cox
Sitting on Wall: Heather Potts (left) and Jenny Mountain (Right)
Front Sitting: Thanusha Padayachee, Debbie Cox and Julie Dawson
Front: Yours Truly
THE INSIDE STORY ON THE REAL TP - Wednesday, 1 November 2006 The TP-Gang's legal advisor officially received her law degree on 20 October 2006 - so BH-Gang I am afraid there is no room for stepping out of line! - and my beloved TP-Gang, sorry, but no more illegal activities, everything above board from now on, till further notice.

A very proud and happy, Thanusha (TP)

Apart from becoming legal, the real TP also celebrated her 20-something (tip: 'seven is heaven') birthday on 2 November 2006. Being true to her loving and sharing nature she hosted a traditional Indian lunch for her work colleagues - right down to the T. She brought a punjabi outfit for each of the ladies. Now you can just imagine all the fitting on and swopping that went on - women are never happy when it comes to their appearance.

Julian Cox, TP's real Boss

Lunch was a very 'lani' affair (except for the imposter above) and enjoyed in the true Indian tradition by sitting, legs crossed, on the floor whilst enjoying your grub. We enjoyed the most divine layered chicken breyani with a dahl sauce which was rounded of by something sweet i.e. sogi (which is made of semolina, sugar, butter and cream topped off with almonds).
Now, the cherry on the top was that the real TP became the REAL, REAL, REAL TP after receiving a Pink AMM Tote-Ally Cool bag for her birthday - and was she extatic about it! She suddenly made herself eligble as an honorary member of the TP/BH Gangs. TP/BH-Gangs you need to act quickly on this one - remember the higher your membership the more say you have and the more pull you have on Tha Teacha's rubber arm! The REAL Tote-Ally Cool TP
- Overdosed Breyani signing off


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Congratulations TP, on your achievement. Welcome to the TP and BH Gang (now that you have been kitted out with the required Totally Cool Bag - pink of course being a great colour!!)


    Michelle (the outside walker of the BH Gang and MFV!)

  2. Well Done TP, about time, are we goona see you blog now...LOL

    Had a good laugh at your boss with his new fashionable head dress...

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Thanks Michelle & Sophia. With all this spare time on my hands now, i've decided that i am gonna bead and scrap more. Blogging takes a back seat yet again.

    PS: Libby, the proof is in the pudding. i am fully colour coordinated...unfortunately the same cannot be said for you...Give up now? (And yes, this is a challenge) :) Thanusha


    Hi TP Legal Advisor - I have to say that I'm really impressed with that whole colour co-ordinated pinkness!! Happy Birthday for the 02/11 :) I am however not ready to concede defeat yet on being the teachers pet.............watch this space...........


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