30 November 2006

A SPECIAL UNION OF 22 YEARS - Thursday, 30 November 2006
One cannot believe how terrifying fast 22 years can flash past. It feels just like yesterday when me and my bridesmaid woke up in my bedroom on our farm, Skuilhoek on Friday 30 November 1984. Lots had to be accomplished on this Friday and a few narrow escapes took place before I could walk down the isle and become Mrs Fourie.
The flower girls, Liesl (left) and Heidi (right), my sister's two daughters\s
My mum made all the dresses including her own dress she wore.
The first task on the list was getting that crowning glory? into tip top shape. That meant jumping into Conroy's red Volkswagen Beetle (on loan to me) and heading off with my bridesmaid Elaine to Uitenhage which was a 25km drive. Unlike these days there were no trial runs and we met the hairdresser for the first time the morning of my wedding (mmm this should say it all). We sat down in anticipation of being pampered and walking out feeling like a queen and princess. It took up half the day and we left the hairdresser around mid day.

Don't we look mighty fine! (1984)

The next task was collecting my bouquet and the flowers for the rest of the wedding party at the florist. This went smoothly. Running seriously late we decided to take a shortcut back to the farm, via a gravel farm road. Halfway the beetle were stuttering and spitting and came to an abrupt halt. Having been observant on previous occasions when Conroy (no serious mechanic) pushed, shoved and kicked pipes into their various positions, when the beetle were not co-operating, came to good stead. I opened the engine's bonnet, which by the way most of you will remember, was at the back of the car, not in front like these days. Shaking with nerves kicking in, I keenly observed the coil (don't ask what the coil is) pipe was dangling in mid air. I grabbed the coil and pushed it into a hole that seemed as if it had been made for it and anxiously turned the ignition to test whether my mechanical aptitude paid off. The beetle, huffed, puffed, spit and at last gurgled into life again. We sped off sporting oily black hands and fingernails, sitting on tender hooks until we reached the farmhouse.

I lept out of the beetle and rushed to the bathroom to attempt getting my hands white again. Whilst washing my hands I got a glimpse of my hair in the mirror and decided that I hated what I saw glaring back at me. Without thinking twice I washed my hair and blow dried it in a record time. Fortunately Elaine was happy with her hairdo and we did our own make-up (no make-up artist was required). The photographer was already stepping up and down when we finally made our appearance on the farm house stoep for the before photos. The photo shoot out of the way, we stood ready for my brother in law to bring my dad's Jaguar to the end of the stoep's steps, so that we could be on our way to the Elands River Dutch Reformed Church. Alas, another car hick-up made its appearance. My brother-in-law could not get the Jaguar started. We all stood around with tainted breaths each time he tried the ignition. After what seemed like an eternity, he at last got our wheels rolling and we were off and reached the church only 15 minutes late. Thank you so much to everyone for all the good wishes. It is much appreciated.

Us 22 years later. (2006)

- starting the next 22 years together


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    What's a special occassion like your wedding without a few hiccups?
    CONGRATULATIONS Conroy & Desire!!! :)
    22 years and still going strong. I wish u both many more years of happiness and strength together.

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    That's part of what you remember!

    Congratulations Desire and Conroy and here's to another 22 years (at least)!

    You looked stunning (you still do)


    (the OW and MoBHG who is a TPGC and is the MFV the DLA and also DLEWotN)


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