04 December 2006

Back from left: Nicola Jennings, Carol Liebrandt, Libby Hourearou, CANDICE GREENWAY and Sheila Corfe
Front: Desire Fourie (left), Stella Fischer (right)
"Hi Desire! "WOW!!!" is all I can say! Your layout has turned out beautifully - I hope you like it as much as I do?!! I love the way you've used the big clock on the file folder. It's always so amazing to see how someone can take a design & make it their "own" instead of blindly copying a layout verbatim. You've done a fabulous job & the index cards are jam-packed with such interesting, heartwarming & touching info, - that's just what I envisioned. I am so, so impressed :o)
I love the story about the egg trading, what a great memory :o) You have also captured the love that your parents shared so beautifully & it seems you share this same kind of love with your own husband, what a wonderful chronicle of your life - this is what scrapbooking is all about!! Thank you for taking the time to show me your completed project, it really means a lot to me. Sadly I don't often get to see the finished projects, so this was such a treat! Thank you also for your previous email, it's always gratifying to get positive feedback especially in such a thoughtful & detailed manner. I have had a long look at your blog & it is awesome {I may have to ask you for some blog advice, I think it's high time I set up a blog, but I don't have a clue where to even start :oP} I love all the slide shows & may I just compliment you again on your scrapbooking - you have such a gorgeous, distinctive style, you've got some pages on there that literally had my jaw on the ground! Your students are really lucky to have you as their teacher & it looks like you have so much fun together {I could tell during my class what a great bunch of ladies you all are & I'm so thrilled that one of "your" ladies won my special layout prize ;o) }
I also see that you are a lady of many talents, your photography is brilliant & your beading creations are absolutely exquisite ... AND you've been married for 22 years,congratulations, that's a remarkable achievement in this day & age!!
It was so lovely to meet you & I will certainly visit your blog regularly. I will let you know about any other classes I plan to do next year, at the moment there are no firm dates but as soon as I have definite details I will tell you. France has already asked me to come back in November 2007 & there's even some talk of doing something earlier, she mentioned May... will keep you posted :o) It was such a pleasure to be in all the photos with your ladies, I can't wait to see what you do with those. Here is the biography that France read on the morning of the workshop: Eight years ago scrapbooking started as Candice Greenway‘s hobby, and then became her life. Each day opens a brand new page of memories to be captured and cut and pasted and journaled. Candice’s scrapbooks celebrate all of her passions and her layouts are always full of little details. Paying close attention to detail has defined Candice’s scrapbooking style and her pages are always full of her trademark finishing touches – her philosophy is that it’s often the little things we add last, that people notice first. For Candice it’s not only about the big picture, she believes it truly is the little things that count and make our ordinary lives so remarkable. Candice’s work has been and continues to be published both locally and internationally and for the past few years she has written regular columns for a number of our local scrapbooking magazines. She also designs kits and teaches classes across South Africa. Having recently relocated from Joburg to the picturesque coastal village of Kommetjie in the Western Cape, Candice lives with her gorgeous husband, Charles, who also happens to be her No. 1 fan & scrapbooking financier. They share their little blue & white Cape Cod - style wooden home with 2 dogs, 6 cats, 3 kittens & a tortoise, all of which provide her with a constant source of material for her scrapbook pages! Candice believes that scrapbooking is a journey, not only looking back, to the places we’ve been and the friends we’ve made along the way, but also a journey into ourselves, and what we love, and who we want to be. It was so lovely to hear from you & see your stunning layout, THANK YOU!! Love Candice xxx"
- Honoured signing off

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  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Wow! what an honour, but Desire I have always said that you are fantastic and we are indeed very priveledged to have THA TEACHA like you giving us inspiration for our pages.


    (the OW amd MoBHG who is a TPGC and is the MFV the DLA and also DLEotN)


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