28 January 2007

I am probably the worst public speaker out there and decided to ask Michelle my assistant (the famous walker, see previous post), who I know is very good with words to write a scrapbooking poem or story that she could read as an introduction to my scrapbooking day. Oh, she said: "I think I will write an ode." "Mmm" I said. "But no one has died." "No" she said. "Its like just writing someone's life story". "Okay" I responded. "That will be great."
I was quite embarrassed by the ode, but moved as well. Michelle I am glad that this is the way you perceive me. You summed 'me' up in a nutshell - if I must say so myself. I am very honoured. Here's the ode:
Married for 22 years
To a man named Conroy
He really is
Her price and joy
Blending with nature
She is at her best
Doing hikes with Conroy
Putting their endurance to the test
In the garden
She has a great plan
For the perfect layout
Of their indigenous land
Her full time job
Is bookkeeper/PA
Working from 8 to 5
At AlexanderCox every day
Bedazzled beader
Is her latest description
For this hobby
No need for a prescription!
"Doing Life" is a
Daily job
And she regularly
Updates us on her blog
Can't decide whether she
Is a walker or a jogger
So I guess we'll just have
To call her a "Wogger"
The blue room
Is the place to be
Tuesday to Saturday
You all and me.
Churning out layouts
She's really exceptionally good
So that we can all create a superb scrapbook
Putting together layouts using buttons and split pins
Some of her students really create a din
A chocoholic I would never have guessed
Her favourite chocolate I think a Cadbury's PS
The word is out
There's a Teacha's pet
Is it you or maybe you?
Guess we'll just have to take a bet
The totally cool bag
Is the order of the day
Not being colour coded
Well, a forfeit you'll just have to pay
Organizing scrapdays
Like a good teacha should
New layouts and prizes
They're always really good
So from all of us
Thanks for this day
Three cheers for Desire
Hip, hip, hip hooray!


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I am glad you liked it.



    (The OW and MoBHG who is a TPGC and is the MFV the DLA and also DLEWotN)

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Michelle, It seems that Desire is in good company cos u are both amazingly talented in your own ways...
    Desire well done on an awesome awesome event...it looks like fun was had by all...I am just ever so sorry that i missed out...
    Michelle, u def have a way with words...I am simply speechless
    Anyways, like they say "birds of a feather flock together"
    I look forward to the next one :)


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