25 March 2007

THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE GAMEDE - 25 March 2007 So it turned out that the storm of Thursday night, 15 March which kept me clutching to my bed with all fours was actually a Hurricane and not just any hurricane but one which had already been named 'Gamede' with its origin in Madagascar.

We went for a drive through the Kloof gorge this morning to have a closer look at the devastation Hurricane Gamede has left in his wake. There was an uneasiness in the air and a feeling of humbleness spilt over me, whilst I took these photos. It once again reminded me of how insignificant man's existence here on earth is and that there are definitely a force much greater out there. My garden scrapbooking album has been expanded again with this page I created of the grass Aloe Cooperi. I have also included a picture of 'Scrap' on this layout. We suspect that old Scrap has been murdered by workers of Suburban Roofing who was carrying out maintenance on our roof a while ago. So for the moment there are no one keeping an eye out for us when driving in and out of our garage.

- Calm after the storm signing off


  1. Hi Desire,
    i've tried to leave a comment on your blog a few times already, and this is the first time i succeed! i am definately doing Candice's class, can't wait, the woman is amazing! Regarding the Scrapbook kits, i can absolutely post them to you, in future i will send you a picture of my design, and you can let me know in advance in order for me to pack you the kits. i've designed a few kits for other scrapbook companies, but decided to go on my own! love your blog, the hurricane must have been terrifying, and i agree with you, one feels humble at the sight of such devastation, there is truly a living God who still has mercy and love for the people on this earth. take care, talk to you soon again

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I love your new design, besides the pictures, the colours are just so pretty.




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