14 March 2007

KZN BUNDU CHICKS' DEPARTURE - Friday 16 March 2007
For those who are still meaning to enter the Bundu Chicks competition (see previous blog entry), here’s what the dictionary has to say about Bundu ‘chicks’ – note the reference to ‘young’:
The noun chick has 2 meanings: Meaning #1: young bird especially of domestic fowl Synonym: biddy Meaning #2: informal terms for a (young) woman Synonyms: dame, doll, wench, skirt, bird
Now, after a huge hype of scurrying and collecting everything required for the Bundu weekend (me thinking … only our cameras will be a prerequisite …), the Bundu chicks are ready to set off in their vehicles dashing for the Durban airport making double sure that they don’t miss the most important flight they ever have to catch. Extra care has been taken that husbands, mothers and mothers-in-law, bambino supervision and pets will be looked after well whilst us home executives are having ‘wild’ fun in the bundus (me thinking … not that there are any real concern). Sorry, Jenny. I know that you are definitely in the dog box having to leave Bruce behind recovering from major surgery on Tuesday this week. Don’t worry – just make sure you make it up to him big time on our return i.e. loads of TLC. Tracy is also making a serious dash to the bundus - Monday, 19 March being her birthday and the family wanted to spoil her at the same time that we are in the bundus. Tracy, hope the family won't sprung nasty surprises on your return.
We were commissioned by the Designersnotes Bundu Scrapping Weekend's organisers to design and create our own name tags, from authentic scrapbooking materials, for the weekend, here's my creation.
Yours truly and fellow Bundu Chick, Michelle
Here's a sneak preview of the theme of the photographs I will be scrapping with at our Bundu weekend. That is if we are not too busy 'DOING LIFE'.
- Bundu Hysteria signing off


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I really like your name tag - I think that is how you should do the next scrapbooking day ones!!!!!!


    (with the long name!!)

  2. Have a safe trip, and have FUN FUN FUN. Sorry I am not with you guys, sounds like it is going to be fun.


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