13 July 2007

- Sunday, 8 July 2007
For those poor unfortunate souls out there (with reference to Tha Teacha's students - not the TP's) who will be deprived of their scrapping fix during our Cathedral Peak Photographic/Scrapping Breakaway - here's your golden opportunity to win a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). You will however have to take the abacus out, dust if off and shuffle a little bit of grey matter around and calculate the average age of the 16 delegates attending the breakaway. To aid the grey matter though, here are the names of the delegates:
Desire Fourie (Tha Teacha)
Conroy Fourie (Tha Teacha's partner for life)
Rayna Winson (the Pilgrim)
Shelley Candiotes (the Pilgrim's friend)
Carolyn Lynn (the Happy Camper)
Sheila Corfe (Springbok Mum)
Karen van Staden (Mum of many sons)
Riaan van Staden (Dad of many sons)
Michelle Ramsay (Doing Life's Assistant)
Dereck Ramsay (Music Lover)
Beverley Dow (Self Proclaimed Teacher's Pet)
Graham Dow (Self Proclaimed TP's life partner)
Retha Oelofse (Conquerer of Kilimanjaro)
JC Oelofse (Kilimanjaro Survivor)
Denise Pienaar (Self Proclaimed TP's Sister in Law)
Henry Pienaar (Self Proclaimed TP's Brother in Law)
Here's the RAK up for grabs.
To stand a chance to win this RAK, leave a comment here with your calculation of the average age of the 16 delegates. Please take care though that your answer has not already been used by someone before you. Don't forget to state who you are. [If you are not a member of Blogspot select Anonymous and then publish your comment.]
GOOD LUCK. The winner will be announced on Sunday, 29 July 2007.
- Signing off with Cathedral Peak Fever Running High


  1. Robyn Keulder10:25 AM

    Ok - so I'll be the brave one and be the first to comment!
    I say 46.7!

  2. Geez Louise..............I 'm still trynna figure out Suduku and now this!! I'm gonna say 50.2 ........

  3. I would have to guess 42.3!!

  4. I think I will go with 47

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hi there, Brenda Moon here! I say 44.6! Gimme that stuff!!!

  6. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Hi, Cheryl Gwillam here. I say 45.5.

  7. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Hi, Linda Campbell here. I say 46.5

  8. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Hi, Gladys Bevis here. I say 46

  9. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Hi, Brenda McDonald here, I'm going to stick my head out and 52.3

  10. Suzette8:00 AM

    I think I will go with 43

  11. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hi, Jeanette Cornell here. I say 48

  12. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hi Kirsten Bennett here....i say 47.5


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