29 September 2007

Only a mother can love such an ugly little face.
Gotcha! Could this have been the cause of Telkom's ADSL network 36-hour total shut down in the Outer West Area of Durban on 27&28 September 2007?
Prime Spot? - mmm only a female monkey would agree!
- Saturday, 29 September 2007

Arriving at our complex's main gate after gym this morning we were greeted by the monkeys who were out in full force with spring fever running high amongst two local clans. There was a lot of vocals (sounding like dogs barking) as each clan attempted to defend its own patch in paradise. It seemed as if the males were very protective of the females who all had new borns clinging onto them. The juveniles were frolicking and fooling around on the outskirts, oblivious of the delicate situation.

On the home front, there are still potential buyers visiting on a daily basis. It was our 7th show house this Sunday with Sotheby's as the hosting agents. There was only one couple who came house hunting on this wet Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately it was outside their price bracket. Sotheby's brochure however did not do the house justice. The details of the house was very brief, incomplete and uninteresting. The photo on the brochure also don't intrigue potential buyers to come and have a look for themselves - 50% winter lawn?. (compare Acutts' brochure of the previous Sunday below).

Well Conroy was at home once again for a brief visit this weekend and left Sunday afternoon for Johannesburg.

On the scrapping front I designed and completed another double page layout kit 'PRECIOUS' which is available on Doing Life's Online Shoppe. Go and have a peek quickly.

Off to another week at work - can't believe October 2007 has crept up on us so soon.

- Monkey Business Signing Off


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I'm back...loved your pics of Mrs Monkey and her baby they are delightful..see you soon. lol Stella

  2. I saw the layout on Doing Life Shoppe, before I saw your note on your blog and just love it.

    Monkeys - they are animals I can sit and watch for ages - they really fascinate me.

    See you soon.



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