26 October 2007

... Here we go!

Well, at last there is finality with various dates and appointments confirmed. Life is slowly getting back on track and huge sighs of relief are the order of the day. Pickfords starts packing on Thursday morning 22 November, continues on Friday, 23 November and loads the truck on Saturday, 24 November. They off-load at Kinross Ave, Fernridge Estate, Fourways on Monday, 26 November 2007, where I just have a frantic picture in my minds eye of yours truly standing at the front door directing to which room each box should go. Mmm ... foreseeing serious unpacking for several weeks - hopefully by Christmas 2007 the Fourie household will have calmed down for the first time in months.

In the meantime there is a to-do-list longer than my arm that has to be executed before finally saying goodbye to Unit 4, Sandlea on Saturday, 24 November i.e. transferring the Telkom line & ADSL to the new owners * applying for a Telkom/ADSL line @ Kinross * transferring the post box to the new owners of Unit 4 * applying for a new post box in Jhb * terminating the municipal account * booking a carpet cleaning company for Unit 4, Sandlea * changing addresses * setting up appointments with interior decorators for Kinross * and on it goes .....

I am posting some goodbye messages from some of my scrapping friends/students. Thank you all for your support. Many of you have, on numerous occassions, offered your company during Sunday afternoon show houses as well as being prepared to be there for me should I have any security problems at night being on my own. I have been alone now for 11 weeks and all your kind thoughts and offers to help have definitely made the 11 weeks go by much faster. Love you all.

Kerry Harper: "Not sure what to say !! Of course thrilled for anyone's success - that will be great for you both. Conroy and you make the most out of every situation - and you will succeed in all that you do you - having each other by your side ! But a big loss to many of us.........our scrapbooking inspiration! and special friend. You have a special place in my heart and always will. I have noted the two dates and will be there without a doubt ! Chat soon. Everything happens for a reason - the right reason !"

Robyn Keulder: "Libby just told me the news and we are both devastated!!!! Its not all for selfish reasons - we really are going to miss you. Not just because we won’t have the best scrapping teacher in the world anymore but it feels like we are losing a friend! We do however wish you and Conroy all the best for the future. Well its not “good-bye” yet – and still many scrapping nights to come!" " Hi Desire, .... Thanks hey – and thanks for all the things you have taught me over the past few years, the experience I have gained is invaluable. Im really gonna miss our weekly get togethers…but I know its not the end as we have January to look forward to! ... Thanks Robyn

Tracy van Zyl: "Although I am very sad and will miss my scrapbooking evenings in the blue room I wish you and Conrad all the best in your new adventures. Now I think I will go and buy a huge slab of chocolate and console myself!! xx"

Sheila Corfe: "Hi Desire, I don’t know what to say!!! I know that congrats must go to Conroy in his new venture and it is very important that he has stability and fulfillment in his job. On the other hand to say that I am devastated is an understatement. You will always be an inspiration and my idol in scrapping, and will have to just arrange some lessons in JHBG, as I am sure you will set up lessons in JHBG. I will definitely be attending your two days at Makaranga in the new year, so have already diarized this. Best Regards Sheila" "Well I am slightly consoled by this message!!! I also hope you will be doing some online lessons, However, one slight problem I foresee, is that your selection of paper for the pictures is always so perfect. I will have to email you my pics, and you can send or let me know what paper to choose! You see I already have it all worked out!!!!! Ha Ha Cheers Sheila "

Nicola Jennings: "Wow, your news really threw me. I am going to miss you and all the good times in the blue room. Just thought I would let you know scrapping will never be the same without you. And you will never be replaced by anyone. Lots of love Nicola.xxx" / "Wow, this makes it truely official. I have been waiting to wake up and told this is all a bad dream.... (that is of course for me) Desire I have no words to describe how much I will miss you, our Thursday nights and the TP Gang, it was always something to look forward to each week. Having our own lockers at the teachas new home is a great honour.Just make sure you give us Conroys weekly itinerary so we can slot in when he is away.Wishing a very special person and her hubby, lots of love, luck and happiness with their new venture.All my love Nicola"

Carol Liebrandt: "I have had a good cry and now I want to say I will miss u so much and thank u for teaching me so much - you are irreplacable in my scrapbooking world"

Sophia Allison: "Hey, I did not know all this was happening, will you still be at my party on the 18th, hope so…oh my goodness I hate farewells, but at least it is not forever. Will most definitely attend your days, at least get to see you then…will miss you, but I’m sure Doing Life will keep me updated with your happenings and look forward to the new sister site. You will have to make sure you keep updated on my Blog to see how we are coping with the new baby when it comes along… Scrapping fulltime….COOL, which will be up your alley!!!! As for the BLUE room, why not a PINK one??? Change is good… "

Stella Fischer: "Hi Desire, Just wanted to let you know that I am still not comprehending your news from last night, .... I am very happy for Conroy & yourself in your new venture together and I am sure it will be a big challenge, but then again you are both strong people, good at what you do and I know that you will eventually make the most of your situation and will be happy. Like everything new and unknown it is a little daunting. I just want to tell you that you will be sorely missed, even though I am not to sure of my creative scrapping side, you have in deed taught me a lot and for that I am truly grateful to have met you and privileged to have been able to come to your lessons. Last night came as a shock and I really felt bad that we did not comfort you after you had told us, but I suppose we were only thinking selfishly of ourselves and not of you, who has been carrying this on your shoulders, I am sure for quite sometime. I know that you will not leave us out to dry and we will certainly support and be grateful to have your kits that you endeavor to make and which I know will be stunning as everything you have done in the past. You need to now move on together and I know that everything will work out fine for both of you. Until next scrapping lesson. Lots of Love. Stella"

Jenny Reid: "So sorry to read of your imminent move back to Gauteng, but naturally Bruce & I wish you and Conroy all the best for your new Adventure." "Pass on our good wishes to Conroy for the new career path he has chosen."

Michelle Ramsay: "That is indeed a very sad state of affairs, but ... when life throws an opportunity like that, you have to grab it with both hands and say thanks.You and Conroy have worked hard and deserve all good things coming your way. I wish you both a huge amount of success in both your new ventures.I look forward to the monthly kits and remember my offer is there to be used, please.I think quite a few people could become "frequent flyers", so hope you have enough bedding for the regular visitors.Desire, you have been an inspiration to me and a whole lot of other scrappers. Thank you for everything you have always done for me - I have really learnt a lot.You are going to be HUGELY missed.Lots of loveThe OW and MoBHG who is a TPGC akd is the MFV the DLA and also DLEWotN" (OW - outside walkerMoBHG - member of the Botha's Hill GangTPGC - Teacha's Pet Gate CrasherMFV - Most Frequent Visitor on Doing LifeDLA - Doing Life's Aassistant (from 27 Jan)DLEWotN - Doing Life's Eye Witness on the Net)

Beverley Dow: "I cant even read to the end - I AM OFFICIALLY MORTIFIED !!!! - How are we all going to cope, this is the best thing in my life .... Sorry to be soooo selfish, congrats to Conroy ( I am going to make you pay big this weekend - just got to think of a challenge for you ) Never fear I WILL come up with something GOOD.Congrats to you both and our loss is definately Joburgs BIG gain.See you tomorrow. Sorry still in shock !!!Love AlwaysThe Green Mamba"

Brenda Moon: "Desire', Please send my congrats to your husband, but know that I will miss you very much. I may not have been a 'constant lesson attender' but it was so comforting to know that you were a few minutes away should I need help, advice, supplies! Please keep having Scrapping Days down here in Durbs-we are losing a GREAT asset-and put me on that distribution list for that monthly kit!Lots of love, Brenda Moon"

Libby Houareau (The Real Self Proclaimed Teachers Pet: TP): " Hello my darling teacha - I'm still so devastated that you are moving. Spending Thursday nights in the Blue room with you has become so much part of my life and I am going to be so lost once you have moved. I've been trying very hard not to think about it and your email has just reminded me again......... I'm not good at dealing with change as you can see. I s'pose I must be positive and be thankful that at least you are not leaving the country!! and we'll still have contact with you at scrapping days and via your website, etc. I know that your kits will be so successful and you will do extemely well at your fulltime scrapping venture. Will see you tomorrow night and will be trying very hard not to cry :(Lots of love Libs X X X "

Kirsten Bennett: "Hi There ... Yes it sounds like a great opportunity you and your husband have, and Im sure you will settle well there and build up new students quickly!! And thats really great that you will be able to do scrap booking full time!! And we will miss you here but we will see you every now and again when you come down. The internet site that you are busy making sounds awesome and My sister and I will be sure to make use of it. That way we can carry on with our scrapping and start to do projects on our own.Yes pls will you let us know when there are bookings for your scrap booking days at Makaranga..we would love to attend those if we can.... Enjoy the rest of your day ...Luv Kirsten =)"

Lynn Hulland: "Hi Desire, Kerry sent me your e mail telling of your exciting/sad news. How exciting for you - congrats to your husband on his promotion. We know that you will be very successful up there, and will soon be in the thick of everything. So sad for us - we love having you around the corner and your expertise with your scrapbooking is legendry. Still now we look forward so very much to your workshops which you will come down for - travel safe and only our best wishes go with you. LYNN HULLAND"

- Signing off: What are friends for?


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I don't think I can read "Doing Life" anymore!!! I have just read your blog and seen the Pickfords truck and the students comments and it has made me shed a tear all over again!!! It is all so final now and within a month you will be gone - missing you already - January is a long way away!!!
    Lotsa love,
    The other TP

  2. I do hope that all goes well for you and that you're blessed in your new venture.

  3. Hi Desire

    This really makes it so final. But for you, at least you know what has to happen and can plan your life accordingly - your next venture for you and Conroy.

    I wish you lots and lots of sucess and hope that the move goes smoothly.

    Remember I am here to assist with anything, so please do not be afraid to ask me.

    See you later to assist with the scrap day packing!


  4. Libby (Teacher's Pet)10:27 AM

    Hi there darling teacha :)

    Reading all these messages has made me feel quite heartsore all over again!

    I'm sure you must be feeling very relieved though, now that the sale has gone through and the move is planned. And I'm sure you're looking forward to being reunited with hubby and getting back to some sort of routine.

    I did your layout kit this week (the Dombeya Pulcha one) and am absolutely thrilled with the results!

    Will chat to you soon, lots of love, Libs (Teacher's Pet)

    PS. Who told Carol that she is the "other TP"?? Surely by now she should now there is only one TP - and that's me!!

  5. Cannot believe how official it is now...how sad!

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