07 October 2007

WEEKEND HAPPENINGS Saturday, 6 to Sunday 7 October 2007
Saturday kicked-off with an early rise at 6am for my hair appointment at 6:30am. Michelle came to collect some ink pads for stamping at 9:45 and stayed for tea and a chat during which time Sothebys had an appointment at 11am to bring a potential client.
My blood was boiling once again when the agent (the house sitter of last Sunday's show house - a lady quite advanced in her years) arrived just before 11 announcing that the client forgot about the appointment but she would like to bring another client through. It was clear that this other so called client, was definitely not a buyer. She was also quite advanced in her years and the house would definitely be too big for her. I made the assumption (could be wrong) that this so called client was a friend of the agent. What a cheek to bring a non-buyer to walk through our home, invade our privacy and not having the decency to just pick up the phone (a handy modern tool) and let me know that the appointment is cancelled.
Sorry Michelle for being a sound board for my frustration. Michelle left at 12 for her hair appointment down in Durban North, but not before she mauled a poor little baby Variegated or Spotted bush snake (we think it is). See pic.

Some good news is that old Scrap is back and it looks like he had after all not been murdered by the roof contractors. It is always a nice welcome when I drive into the garage and see that old Scrap is on guard at the front door whilst gobbling up ants.

After Michelle left I started a new layout. I have been teaching elements of this layout during the past week in my classes and just had to do a layout myself. For those curious amongst you lot - it will be for sale in kit format (R230) on the Shoppe called 'Shades of Autumn' early this coming week. There is also a new category 'stamps' so go and have a look at the new product under this category.

I also managed to complete a layout, which I have been working on and off during the past two weeks, with some of our Cathedral Peak Breakaway ditch crawling pics. Girls I have not forgotten about the CD compilation of this weekend's pics - I promise, it will materialise in due course.

Michelle arrived at 4pm this time not to chat but to scrap. Whilst scrapping we brain stormed something unique for my Scrapaganza (19 January 2008) and could not stop laughing about this brain wave of ours - so girls be warned - if you are thinking to book for this scrap day - you are definitely letting yourselves in for a thing ...

Today, Sunday is the 8th show house in a row and Trish of Acutts is hosting it. Trish brought us an offer for our house late Friday afternoon, but we decided not to accept it yet and rather hang in there and see if we can get an offer closer to the market price. Thanks to Trish who has already been quite active in marketing our home. So keep those fingers crossed. Conroy flew early this morning, for his first business trip to Mauritius this coming week. The following Sunday he is off to Kenya again and I will be flying up to Jhb for the weekend of 19 -21 October. We are planning to book tickets to go and see the Lion King during this weekend.

- Home Alone Signing Off

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  1. Now, before people think that I went and killed the snake _ me who is petrified would not ever attempt something like that!!!! - it was only when I came back to Desire in the afternoon that she informed me that she had walked out of her garden after I had left to see if the donkeys up the road were still there and that was when she saw this "poor snake". She explained that it might have climbed up onto my car somewhere and when I drove off it fell off and got ridden over. Now the brain was ticking and we were hysterical at the thought that it could have climbed into my car and only raised it's head somewhere down Field's Hill - and the thought of that!!!!

    I love the Fun in the Berg layout - such lovey colours.

    I had a great time, thanks Desire, and yes, we did get quite a bit of work done - the brains were on top form!!!

    I have heard that the "Lion King" is fantastic, so book now.



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