28 December 2007

The Festive Table


After a blistering hot Xmas Eve, everyone was quite relieved to wake up to an overcast Christmas day and cooler weather in general. The same overcast day in Kloof, Durban would not necessarily have meant cooler weather. The high humidity did not make an overcast day cooler but even muggier and one’s skin always had a moist tinge to it. We just love the warm Dry weather here in the Big Smoke.

Having spent our very first lazy Christmas morning in our new home, we took the road to Northcliff (20 minutes away) to spend Christmas day with our god children Duane, Kyle and their parents Belinda and Carel. Belinda’s parents, her brother, Carel’s brother and uncle Peter also shared Christmas 2007 lunch with us. Belinda and Carel put forward a sumptuous spread and as usual everyone exceeded their limits. Me and Belinda were the only ones enjoying red wine and shared a bottle.

As you can see the ‘official’ photographer was also on duty to ensure that Christmas Day 2007 is captured for future generations to ponder over.

It is nice to have Conroy around for a change. We are still sorting out little house issues here and there. The pool (more a splash bath) has also been inaugurated with quite a few dips by its new owners. A water polo ball has been acquired and we love frolicking in the water with it. Conroy has also setup the gym room for us with weights, exercise floor mats and pilates balls and is busy working out a pilates program which we plan to do alternatively to going to gym for cardio.

We transferred our membership from Kloof to Broadacres Virgin Active and have been to gym quite a few times now. Some of you might recall how I use to complain about the shocking condition of the Kloof Virgin Active’s equipment. Literally ‘shocking’ … no working air conditioning, the treadmills, etc use to shock you severely. It had the oldest equipment which was all rusted. I use to hate to go the gym in Kloof. It is such a welcome change to visit Broadacres Virgin Active with state of the art equipment and such friendly and helpful personnel. It has its own health restaurant, the ladies are impeccable and clean. There are even totally free hot spot internet stations as well as a speed box for Discovery medical claims. AND the air conditioning WORKS!!!

So you see … its not all doom and gloom relocating to Gauteng … there are some advantages!

Here’s wishing you all a joyful, healthy and successful 2008!!!

- Singing off in a festive spirit


  1. Wow, those starters look great. Now I am hungry!!!

    Whilst I am certainly missing you here, I am please to hear that you and Conroy are settling in so nicely and getting acquainted with everything.


  2. Glad to see you enjoying yourself and on the social scene...have a good New Years.


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