21 December 2007


You have read the scoop, you've seen the photos ... here it is all scrapped.

I did this layout with quite a bit of resentment whelming up inside of me ... just the thought of Pickfords makes our blood literally boil. In any case, this layout together with the journaling which is in a pocket behind the two landscape photos at the top right of the layout, will be a good warning for future generations to come.

Regrets aside ... our house has now at last become our home ... Jan (an interior decorator) came around yesterday and after a solid six hours all the paintings, wall plates, frames scrapping layouts, etc. was put on the walls. Now it really feels like our home. I still cannot believe how terribly neat he went about the job, no fuss, no mess and the most important of all ... no dust. Thank you so much Jan and Justus his assistant. Great Job Done!!!!

Jan is coming around just after Xmas again to put up all the additional bathroom fittings (3 bathrooms' stuff) as well as our new washing line which I purchased at Builders Warehouse just around the corner of us. I have never been in such a huge Builders Warehouse before - one can literally find anything in this massive store and there are assistants stationed at about every isle to help out customers. I must say generally so far all the shop assistants up here are very friendly and helpful ... quite a welcome surprise after experiencing very unfriendly service in most of KZN's shops.

If I don't see or speak to you all before Xmas ... here's wishing you all a happy and relaxing Xmas with your family and friends.

- Picking at Pickfords Signing Off

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  1. Stunning layout (as always!!), pity about the bad experience though. But as you said, it is there for future generations.

    Wishing you and Conroy all the best for a Blessed Christmas and a really awesome 2008.



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