13 February 2008

PREPARATION FOR A UNIQUE INDIGENOUS GARDEN DESIGN - Wednesday, 13 February 2008 UPDATE NO.2 The day started off with light rain which cleared by 9am. Leanne and her dedicated team arrived at 8am and the workers continued preparing the ground by using a pick to loosen the ground and remove any stones/rubble still left behind. The present irrigation system was removed and then the trenches were dug for the brand new irrigation system and the loosened ground was raked to aerate it.
Half of the compost also arrived today … one huge truck load arrived with a smelly bang and was off-loaded on the pavement.

The new irrigation system, complete with all its components, were also delivered and Leanne’s team started laying down the system in the trenches which have been dug.

I am getting seriously impatient … cannot wait for the sleeper paths to be started. The pathways will form the backbone of the design. Hopefully by Monday, 18 February the laying of the paths will commence. - Naturally Excited signing off

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  1. I am so excited to see the finished product. I can imagine how you are feeling. It looks messy now, but wait ....!


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