19 February 2008

PREPARATION FOR A UNIQUE INDIGENOUS GARDEN DESIGN ... with a miraculous twist - Tuesday, 19 February 2008 UPDATE NO.5
Off-loading of the second load of river sand for the building work and sleeper pathways
Pathways taking shape
Leanne hard at work fine tuning her state of the art irrigation system
The weatherman has been very kind to us, keeping the rain and thunderstorms at bay since the landscaping started more than a week ago. Yesterday and today has been spent on the final preparation of the soil, forming some highs and lows, starting the shape of the pathways and carting in a layer of river sand for the pathways, on top which the absolutely beautiful 80cm long sleepers will be laid.
Me and Leanne could not keep our excitement at bay when the railway sleepers arrived which are in a magnificent condition. I just love wood, it seems to have a life of its own which never dies. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. These sleepers have beautiful grains, one can see that they were once trees of stature looking at the year rings. If they could speak, they would probably have quite a few interesting stories of trains passing over them on nostalgic journeys in Africa.

Leanne's team form a human sleeper railway track

A pity these beautiful wood grains will be loast once the pathways are laid

Tomorrow, the wood trellis manufacturer will arrive to custom make and install the trellises on site. The sleeper pathways will also take shape tomorrow and on Thursday a builder will be on site to cement all the cobble stone work into place. A massive rock i.e. 3mx1m as well as other rocks will also be off loaded on site by means of a crane tomorrow.

Have you ever seen a garden worker with such posh shoes ... fit for the dance floor? ... and you won't believe me, but his name is Miraculous ... with his miracle shoes! Slowly, but surely a landscape is rising from mother earth ... watch this space.

- Pathway fanatic signing off


  1. Oh wow, that is really going to look good. I like the human pathway - amazing how effective that is.

    The dancing shoes - well I am sure he could do a great dance.

    Looking forward to the next update.


  2. Coming on nicely I see, cannot wait to see end result...

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    You know, we have an amazing country with the most amazing people and I think Miraculous and his shoes are one of them!!! What an interesting person. Also, can't believe how much work you are putting into your garden - I can't wait to see it finished. Miss you.
    Love from Carol (the other TP)

  4. Those shoes are a hoot! Bless him, maybe that's all he had to wear! Your garden is coming along... little by little!! Can't wait to see it finished!


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