26 March 2008

EASTER WEEKEND 2008 - Thursday, 20 March to Monday, 24 March With Conroy’s Dad having spent eight days in hospital and specialists still deciding what to do about the two aneurisms he has, we decided on the spur of the moment to visit Conroy’s family in Uitenhage for the Easter Weekend. Conroy’s Dad is doing okay. He has a lack of oxygen in his blood (caused by the aneurisms) and uses an oxygen machine and handheld oxygen pumps at home. He was doing so well that he even had the energy to live out one of his passions i.e. baking some mini curry bunnies for the family visiting … getting up at 3:30am to do the cooking and baking. He also made us a few fresh bottles of tomato jam over the Easter weekend to bring back home with us.
Beach at Schoenmakerskop in Port Elizabeth
We stayed at a B&B in Mill Park, Port Elizabeth. The B&B was situated in a lovely quiet neighbourhood and the cottage was very comfortable … even with a little kitchenette. It was great to visit our home town and go down memory lane whilst driving past popular spots. Me and Conroy are still both in agreement that PE is the cleanest, most peaceful town in South Africa … definitely worthwhile considering for retirement in 30+ years’ time. The beaches are all clean and the air kept fresh by daily winds … PE is not nicknamed ‘the windy city’ for nothing. Once again I took the opportunity of taking some photos of Leandri and her family. Leandri is an absolute dream to photograph … posing comes naturally to her.
This photo gives reality to the true meaning of a family tree: Leandri with her Dad Leon and her twin brother Conrad far left and her Mom Adri on the right with her twin brother Willem
Leandri with her twin brothers Conrad on the left and Willem
And of course the visit could not be complete without taking a snapshot of mom-in-law’s tortoises. I only managed to capture one of them which is being called Skiliena (meaning small peal … she loves all the leftover peals of vegetables and fruit from the household kitchen). Here she is munching away at cabbage leafs.

Its Tuesday today and the air conditioning contractors are busy installing air conditioning split units in the study and the main bedroom … so dust is ruling our household since we moved in. Hopefully this is the last mess. Holes of more than 10cm in diameter are drilled right through a double brick wall to the outside of the house to link up the processing units outside to the split units inside the house. - Dust Irritated signing off


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Lovely to hear your news again - hope Conroy's dad recovers quickly - would love to have tried one of those mini curry bunnies! Yum. Love the sound of P.E. - made a note for us to visit there soon. Looking forward to seeing some more layouts. Take care.
    Love from Carol (other TP)

  2. Glad to hear that conroy's dad is doing well and on the mend. Wow, those curry bunnies sound great!!

    I have also enjoyed PE. What struck me the most was that it was so flat.

    Leandri is growing up to be a beautiful girl and she takes stunning pictures.

    I am sure once you feel the benefits of the airconditioning, you will agree that the irritation of the dust was well worth it - enjoy it!!

    Keep well

    Love me


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