24 May 2008

Lady Maddison! (and Lord Charles)
Saturday, 24 May 2008
Another update from granny Carol:
'... Maddie’s mum is now home (yesterday) and when Charlie got home from nursery school his sister was there. Lauren said there was some frowns on his face when he heard her crying and then he marched straight up to her room where her daddy was changing her – he apparently couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Well mommy wanted to make him feel important so she asked him what had happened to his leg as he had a big scratch on it – did someone at school hurt him? No, was his reply, “my SISTER bit me!” Well, I think that will be his standard answer to everything at the moment so I think we will have to take everything he says with a pinch of salt for now!! Anyway, spoke to Lauren just now and she sounded terrible – apparently had a rough first night at home with both Charlie and Maddie. '
Wednesday, 21 May 2008
The most productive member of the by now well-known TPG (Teacher's Pet Gang) has become a very proud Grandma for the second time round. Doing Life wish to extend their congratulations to Carol and her family. May 'Lady Maddison' bring joy to everyone who crosses her path.

A proud Grandma Carol and Grandpa

Carol sent me these two emails to announce Lady Maddison's entrance to the Big World: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 Baby Zodwa.... ooops I mean baby Maddison has arrived!
Hi my Teacha, Today our new grand-daughter arrived and thank goodness her parents came to their senses and called her Maddison Ann – I think that is such a cool name. Of course I will call her Maddie and when I really want to cheese her mom off, I will call her Zodwa! Anyway all went well with the epidural caesarean and mom, dad and baby are absolutely fine. She weighed 4,085 kg which is huge – don’t know where she came from – her mom and her daddy are tiny people!!! This afternoon will be very interesting when Charlie goes to meet his sister – I am dying to see his face. He has been the apple of his parents eye for so long now that he thinks he really IS Prince Charles – sorry for him!!!!
I will take some granny and pops pics with little Maddie this afternoon which I hope to use as my second layout on the 14th. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Lotsa love, Carol (the other TP) Wednesday, 21 May 2008 Lady Maddison! (and Lord Charles)

The proud parents, Lauren and Tim with their fast growing family of two.

Hi my Teacha. You are more than welcome to share some pics on your blog - what an honour! Amongst the pics you will see one of Charlie opening his "present" from his new sister (Barney Bubble Bath) and then he promptly poked her in the eye and gave it back to her! He also gave his mommy flowers and then ate her lunch! All in all, everything went very well and Charlie seems to have accepted his little sister Maddie (hopefully our luck will hold out and he won't poke the other eye). Baby Maddison is really huge for having such a small mommy and daddy and other than weighing 4,085 kg, she is also 55 cm long which is a big girl. She is drinking beautifully and mommy is doing very well. Of course granny and pops are loving every minute of it - the only problem is that I get so wrapped up in all that is going on that I keep forgetting to take pics - I only just managed to remember taking a pic of Charlie giving his sister her toy back! Well, that's all for now - will keep in touch and can't wait for the 14th. Lotsa love Carol (the other TP)
- Baby Boom Signing off


  1. Congratulations Carol. What a cute little girl.

    I saw this post and got sidetracked and forgot to go back and leave a comment and I was reminded today by "the teacha" that I had been slacking in my comment leaving!!!!!

    Look forward to seeing some more pictures at least on the 14 June.


  2. From the mouth of small children, how easy to blame a tiny baby for something!! Kids are soooo funny. I am sure that he loves his little sister very much and soon will be in your hair trying to help in his own way.

    She is soo cute.



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