11 May 2008


My special friend Michelle Ramsay http://www.scrappywalker.blogspot.com/visited us this past weekend. She arrived Friday evening after saying goodbye to her daughter, Leanne at the Johannesburg Airport. Leanne was on her way back to London where she has been working for a year now. I could see that Michelle was very heart sore knowing that she is not going to see Leanne again for some time.

It was great to see Michelle again and having her staying for the weekend to help me finalise arrangements for Doing Life's Scrapaganza on Saturday, 14 June 2008 at Makaranga Garden Lodge in Kloof, Durban.
But, needless to say, we did not get to any scrapping work done the Friday evening. Instead we chatted away until Saturday morning just before 1am. We started with some scrapping work the Saturday morning, but was pleasantly interrupted by Sheila Corfe (also visiting Johannesburg for the weekend) and her niece Leanne who popped in for a cuppa tea. It was just so wonderful to have dear Durbs friends who make the time to come and visit me here in Gauteng. And of course Sheila wanted to have a garden tour before sitting down for a chat.
After Sheila and her niece Leanne left by mid day Saturday, me and Michelle got round to do some serious work for the Scrapaganza and finished round about midnight on Saturday. A gigantic thanks to Michelle for being so patient in amongst other things, wrapping all the prizes for the Scrapaganza ... the prizes look great.
Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
Sunday morning, Conroy surprised me and Michelle by announcing that we were off to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens http://www.sanbi.org/frames/sisulufram.htm near Roodepoort for a late Women's Day breakfast. It was a beautiful Autumn Day and the Gardens were teaming with visitors. We had a lovely walk through the gardens. I was seriously impressed by the succulent garden. I have never seen such a huge variety of aloes in one garden. The aloe specimens were huge and very healthy. I just love the variety of textures and colours of aloes. Me and Conroy are definitely visiting this Botanical Garden soon, to appreciate all the aloes which are flowering.
Late Sunday afternoon, we took Michelle to the Airport and it was hard to say goodbye, but apparently the Botha's Hill Gang are planning a Fernridge Estate winters weekend jam packed with scrapping lessons.
- Ramsay Fan signing off


  1. It was an awesome week-end of catching up, preparing for the scrapday in June and relaxing in the Botanical Gardens. Thanks Desire for everything, it was wonderful.

    I need to update my blog now!!


  2. Wonderful pictures!


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