21 July 2008

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Heidi and Bernhardt moved into their new home, situated in Xanadu Eco Estate, Hartbeespoort Dam, during February this year and it was our first visit since they moved in. What better way of viewing their glorious new home than celebrating their daughter Alisha’s 4th birthday. The weather fairies were out in full force, showering the party guests with the blessings of the most beautiful sunny winter’s day.

It were not only the weather fairies, but the baby fairies also joined in, blessing Heidi and Bernhardt with a third bambino being on the way. So soon Alisha and Zander will have a brand new baby sister or brother to play with.
On arrival it was very noticeable that Alisha and her friends were oblivious of all the grown ups and more into all the yummy sweets and viewing interesting Walt Disney movies. The grown up party goers had serious fun enjoying the delicious party spread from their very own pink cups and plates.

Zeone & Alisha doing some serious pressie investigation

The birthday girl!

The party guests: Back: Michelle & Bjorn, Bernhardt & Heidi with Alisha, Julius & Jens

Front: Lize & Deon with their daughter Zeone, Liesl with Zander and Conroy, yours truly behind the camera

Liesl, the natural performer!!
The highlight of the day was not necessarily Alisha opening all her exciting gifts, but Conroy’s ego needing some ointment and a band aid. Whilst decapitating one of the fairy cupcakes the plastic garden chair’s legs gave way under him and he crashed unceremoniously to the ground, but nevertheless keeping the cupcake in one hand. The moment was just too big for yours truly to capture this event on camera …

Later in the afternoon, Heidi, her sister Liesl, Conroy, Alisha, Zander and Zeone took a stroll down to the lake to see whether there’s perhaps an interesting spot for us to take some pics of me, Heidi and Liesl together. The sun was very bright and there were no shade available under huge trees. We picked a spot on top of a rock amongst some beautiful ‘Afrikaner’ daisies (I think it was). This was not the perfect lighting condition, but we did manage one or two nice pics.

Heidi was quite concerned about us tramping on the flowers around the rock. Conroy the flower connoisseur (I wish) assured Heidi that the flowers will stand up straight again the next morning … Heidi was it the case?? Apparently the Xanadu estate management has very strict rules and conditions. My point of view is that one can always plant a flower again, but will never be able to capture the exact same moment in time.

Whilst I had the camera on a tripod and utilised the self-timer function to get myself in the picture with Heidi and Liesl, the resident Crèche Supervisor kept a close tab on all the bambinos. Isn’t this a precious photo?

Xanadu Eco Estate is not your normal built up estate. Nature plays a big part and there are quite a bit of wildlife roaming around freely amongst the houses. The zebras often pay a visit to Heidi’s garden providing free fertilizer for the lawn. There are also quite a few bird hides from where one can view the vast array of birdlife.

Zeone showing some serious fairy cupcake appreciation

- Wish I was 4 again, signing off


  1. Oh, wow I just love those fairy cup cakes and even more so because they are in my favourite colour!!

    The photos say everything - that everyone had a great day.

    Conroy looks like he was in his element with hands full, looking after the children!!

    The group photos also came out really lovely and very effective with all the flowers in the background.

    To be 4 again mmmmmm??

  2. I love all the photos, but especially like the ones of Conroy and the kids, very special, will be great to scrap those!


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