27 July 2008

As most of you keen followers of Doing Life know by now, none of my featured jewellery contains any square beads (apart from when it is used as a pendant). I find it quite difficult to get my mind around using square beads. But in a way I was forced a little bit out of my comfort zone, by none other than the infamous 'Green Mamba'.
It is probably more than a year and a half ago, that the Green Mamba came to one of her scrapbooking classes with me in Kloof, Durban, South Africa, handing over two strands of green square beads over to 'Tha Teacha'. Tha Teacha got very vague specifications from the Green Mamba as to what kind of jewellery needed to be created with these square green beads, other than '... my daughter ... would like you to make something for her, using all these square green beads ...'. So needless to say, designs with square beads were put on the back burner for quite a while.
So just recently I attempted this design with some of the square beads and would like to get some feedback from the Green Mamba as to whether Tha Teacha is on the right track.
- Squareness Signing Off


  1. Oh Desire, that is stunning. The square beads certainly give a different look. I am sure "the Green Mamba" will like this creation.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I never doubted the teacha - that is so beautiful and SO Kerryn. One thing you omitted was the price. Please let me know because this item is SOLD. Hope you and Conroy are well and just to let you know we miss you terribly !!

    Thanks once again
    The Green Thinge

  3. Well, if the Green Mamba doesn't like it, this Mamma here sure does! It's blooming fantastic Desire - love it!!

  4. You are so talented. It is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I was wearing it! It is stunning!

    Stacy in the U.S.

  5. Teachers Pet is just wondering why the Green Mamba is getting all this attention????


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