11 August 2008

Boys and their Toys??? NO: ITS GIRLS AND THEIR FRILLS
I noticed that Women's Day is actually a true South African public holiday and is not celebrated in the rest of the world. So for the international visitors to Doing Life, Women's Day is celebrated every year on 9 August here at the tip of Africa. One or two of the international bloggers also wanted to know how we celebrate Women's Day and whether they needed to lay down tools on this day. I suppose each and every women celebrate this day in their own unique way. But, generally this is a day where women celebrate being a women/ girl/ daughter/ mother/ wife/ partner who also have rights.

Some women expect to be treated special i.e. spoilt. Well, my situation was no different as I have been spoilt rotten, and don't get me wrong, I don't expect this at all, as I am always being spoilt by hubby. Just the fact that he is who he is, and I am privilege to have him by my side every day, makes me feel spoilt on a daily basis. I actually feel guilty in a way as I know there are millions of women all over the world who are not as fortunate and actually don't know where their next meal is going to come from. They are, however, always in my prayers.

With Conroy's recent trip to Japan, he bought me this Canon Powershot G9 (12.1 Mega Pixels)digital camera, because I was complaining a bit that when I travelled (especially flying) my Canon EOS 20D was just too bulky to carry as hand luggage. Well, I did not actually complain, I just just took his Sony Cybershot with my last trip and left the EOS 20D at home. Now if this is not spoilt in the extreme sense of the word, then I don't know. To have two top of the range digital cameras is just too good to be true. This camera is very compact, but still not too light not too have control when taking a photo and it has a huge LCD display.
Then on Womens Day I was chased out of bed for an early breakfast after which I was taken to VodaWorld in Midrand to select a new cell phone for myself. My old Nokia 7390 only kept its charge for less than a day the last few weeks and after having bought a new battery and charger, it still was doing the same. I also took it to a workshop where the technician said that its beyond repair as there was a fault on the mother board ... never knew cell phones had mother boards. I just loved my phone and felt sad that I had to get another one.
So guess what, the Nokia shop at Vodaworld had the exact same phone model still on display and they had it in my favourite colour, pink and cream. This was the colour I wanted originally for my first 7390, but my ex boss could not find it when he bought the old phone for me in Malaysia, it was a black and chocolate colour which I also loved. So here is my new pink and cream Nokia 7390 (eat your heart out Sophia). At least I have got a new spare battery and charger for it. The main bonus of course is, is that I don't have to get use to a new phone with different functions, etc.
Well, if this is not spoilt then I don't know what is.
- Girl with her frills Signing Off


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    oooh, lucky girl...

  2. Talk about being spoilt!!!!! Well, you deserve it. Enjoy all your new toys.

  3. You lucky lucky girl - love the phone. I don't know much about cameras, but it looks "WOW" and complicated -I at least know that 12 megapixels is fantastic.

    Enjoy both, Desire!!! As they say on the L'Oreal ads "I'm (you're) worth it!!!


  4. Anonymous7:46 AM

    'n Lekker bederf!! Hier het ons nou 'n geval van girls with her toys :-). Geniet dit!

  5. Now, that is just not fair, that phone should be for me...(please leave it in your will for me)..lol

    Anyways, back to topic, you lucky girl and you need all the spoils one can get...ENJOY, loving the new camera!

  6. Hi Desire,

    I have to say you have gorgeous layouts on your blog. My husband bought me this camera last Christmas. I'm not as savvy a photographer and I'm sure I'm not using it to its full potential. He personally owns a 5D and takes wonderful pictures.

    Thanks for visiting.


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