07 August 2008


I feel so honoured and special today. Our estate's security called just after 9am this morning to let me know there is a delivery from NetFlorist for me. Immediately my thoughts were all muddled, who can be sending flowers to me ... it must be a huge mistake ... its not a special birthday or anniversary. Obviously, Conroy who took the day's leave after his 12 day stint to Japan, his curious self, was asking: 'who was that on the phone?'. So I said: 'it sounds like a florist is delivering flowers'. And I am sure Conroy was thinking: 'mmm ... did Desíre get herself a secret admirer while I was away for sooo long?'.

Shortly after the notice call, NetFlorist's little white van, painted all over with lovely pink daises, even a daisy on each wheel cap ... too cute for words ... arrived at the front door. The driver got out and handed me a big white and green striped box tied together with a big green bow and a card hanging from the bow reading:
'Happy Women's Day Desíre To one very special and inspiration friend. Have a wonderful day. Lots of love Michelle'
And this is what was in the box ... which will keep my chocolate addiction content for some time.
Each little sachet of Nestle Hot Chocolate had a little saying on it which read:
Don't fight it, resistance is futile.
Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate.
Chocolate is cheaper than therapy & no appointment is required.
Everyone has a price, mine is chocolate.
Could chocolate be an aphrodisiac?
Chocolate was never meant to be shared.

Of course, I agree wholeheartedly with each and every statement.
Thank you so much Michelle, for making me feel like a cared for friend. You are very special.
PS: The beautiful mug will from now on be my favourite tea mug, which of course is kept filled every hour of the day.
- A well kept women signing off


  1. At least Conroy doesn't have to worry!!

    Enjoy the indulgence.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Ek het daai prentjie met 'n ketting mail lank terug ontvang, seker jy kan dit ook gebruik. Het vir jou gemail na jou online-shop het jy dit ontvang?


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