21 August 2008

At last my in laws' Golden Anniversary invites are done ... all fourteen of them. Sjoe {big sigh} I can breath (scrap) again. They are getting posted tomorrow to my sister-in-law, Louise who have been entrusted with the duty of local post lady. She will distribute the invites personally to everyone residing in Uitenhage, with the specific instruction that this celebration is the secret of the last half a century. The out of town invites I have posted directly to the recipients.
The venue has been booked. I was quite amazed that a small little insignificant town such as Uitenhage had such a state of the art venue. Barkly Theatre apparently hosts whose who's weddings in the Eastern Cape and famous, mainly Afrikaans, performers such as Nicholis Louw, Kurt Darren, Dowwe Dolla, Nianel, Ghapi, Jan Blom, Jak De Priester have performed here. And this of course said it all, with yours truly being a serious Kurt Darren fan. Michelle you say that your and your husband's music tastes are miles apart. Well then my and my hubby's music tastes are worlds apart. Afrikaans 'doef-doef' vs Heavy Classical i.e. Beethoven, Bach etc.

We decided that the celebration will be in the form of a breakfast at Barkly Theatre. The management at Barkly theatre, are very friendly and helpful and will assist us in creating a wedding ambiance with cream and gold decor. Mom and Dad got married in Oudtshoorn, the town of the 'Ostrich' so it will also be attempted to incorporate some ostrich feathers into the decor. I thought that although it is a breakfast, there must be a cake of some sort to re-live the real wedding experience. Louise has also been commissioned to order a few dozen delicious cupcakes in three different flavours. The cupcakes must be in gold cupcake holders and decorated with cream frosting and gold garnishing. The muffins will be placed on a spiral tower with a number 50 on top and will have a special position at the venue. Let's hope this vision of mine materialises as Barkly Theatre still need to source this stand.

A PowerPoint slide show is also planned and yours truly is still sourcing some photos which have to be secretly sneaked out of albums kept way back in cupboards at the in-laws' home in Uitenhage. I have been warned that a slide show will go hand-in-hand with tissue boxes at standby.
- Anniversary Co-ordinator Signing Off


  1. Your in laws are going to be so pleased with this event you are planning. It all sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see the pictures. You are going to need a lot of boxes of tissues, I am sure! They are lucky to have such a wonderful, creative daughter-in-law.

    I like all your ideas and it is really going to look stunning and i am sure the venue will make sure it looks as you are wanting it to.

  2. Oh wow what a stunning party it's going to be and one they will never forget!!

    You are super nice AND super talented, girl!

    Love, Tracy

  3. sounds lovely! beautiful invites..... are you going to use a projector to show the powerpoint presentation onto a screen?

  4. Looking forward to seeing your posts on how the celebrations turn out, I'm sure all will be stunning :)

  5. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Well done on getting all the invites done! The arrangements sound beautiful and I can't wait to see a couple of layouts of the big event.
    Love from
    Carol (the other TP)

  6. Fabulous work. Your in-laws will love it. M.Carmen


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