29 August 2008


It seems like Spring has put a hop, skip and a jump into every one's moods. Kathy has been so generous as to pass this award on to everyone who reads her blog. Please go and visit Kath's Blog as she has got some beautiful cards displayed which is sure to inspire you. Oh yes, and she has got a very loving craft companion, Buddy. Buddy will melt your hearts.
So I have decided to make it an all Proudly South African affair and pass this award on to all those South Africans (including any ex South Africans) who are regular visitors here at Doing Life. The only rule before accepting this award is that you do a post on your blog accepting this award and link Doing Life to it. Congratulations to all you South Africans, you can all stand proud and tall.
- Awarded Signing Off

1 comment:

  1. I will the first PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN to graciously accept this award - thanks!


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