08 September 2008

Do I have a darling husband or what ... Our study desktop system has become a bit outdated and seriously slow when accessing graphics i.e. photos (as a true scrapper do constantly). This slowness also effected my Adobe Photoshop CS3 study course I have recently started with Intec College. Hubby arrived home early last Thursday evening i.e. 5:10pm. His usual toa is anywhere from 7pm onwards, which of course yours truly found quite strange. But no need to worry, as hubby soon appeared with these two huge boxes (see pic below) announcing that he has purchased me a brand new desktop station with this massive 24" HP screen. Needless to say, I was jumping with joy.
My personal IT specialist installed my new desktop the same evening and fine tuned the system over the weekend. Fine tuning also meaning getting all my data transferred from my laptop and old desktop to the new system. Needless to say this new system is lightning fast. The text, etc. is huge ... no need for those reading glasses and the graphics are stunningly clear.
The only factor which is slowing me down, is our unstable Telkom ADSL line. I could hardly access the internet since Thursday last week, with only a few minutes here and there.

Our ADSL line has been inconsistent since the beginning which is since December 2007. I have logged countless complaints, had Telkom technicians in our study scrutinizing and testing everything possible, but to date nothing has actually been sorted. I logged another fault this morning with Telkom. And in the meantime we have ordered a new MWEB ADSL router, hoping that this could also solve the problem which we have currently with the Telkom router. Lets hold thumbs.

- Desktop enjoyment signing off


  1. I am so pleased for you. This is going to change your life..... Hope the ADSL gets sorted out soon. Nothing more frustrating than being cut of from the internet......

  2. Well, you see, nice things happen to nice people from nice people.

    Enjoy and I am sure it is going to help you with your new course. Now you will be able to see all our flaws on our layouts that we put on blogs!!!!

    Good to see Conroy on his knees!!! he he

  3. OMG, now I am the jealous one, would love a 24" screen, you enjoy and well deserved.

  4. Hi Desire, Hier by my maatskappy het ons ook 'n router met 'n downlink spoed van 7.2. Dis nooit rerig die spoed nie, maar ek hoop dit werk vir jou. Dit gaan baie internet probleme uitsorteer.Baie geluk met jou pc en die welverdiende erkenning vir jou pragtige skeppings.

  5. Have fun with your new PC

  6. Nice to have a new toy to play with. Good luck with the whole installation process and ironing out your adsl problems

  7. How divine!! I definitely need a hubby like yours :) What a sweet thing to do!

  8. Well that is how it should be...every wife should be spoiled and pampered and given everything possible to make scrapbooking and cardmaking a great pleasure!!!:)

  9. Aawh - how sweet of him to surprise you like that. Always so much nicer than just giving you the money and say go buy yourself a new PC - although I won't say no to that either! ;) Enjoy your new PC and your BIG screen. Now you'll really be able to enjoy PS SC3 too!


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