29 September 2008

{Zeoné's Birthday Party Shoot}
Zeoné's little brother:
On Saturday it was serious party time at Plantland in Krugersdorp. And it was the third birthday of a very special little girl, Zeoné. Mom, Lize had the perfect party solution up her sleeve. This branch of Plantland was just the perfect spot to keep the bambinos more than occupied and at the same time the parents could sit and relax, chat and still have their kiddos in sight. There was a small animal farm on site and a huge play area with loads of play apparatus to keep all the young ones entertained.
As the party guests arrived they were chaperoned by a very friendly young lady's paint station to have their cute little faces painted. It seemed like the girls definitely enjoyed the face decoration more than the boys.
Once all the guests have arrived and settled down playing with each other, the first activity of the afternoon was making their own mini pizzas. Lots of rolling, hitting each other over the heads with the rolling pins and messing flower all over took place. But, it was definitely clear that the parents perhaps had more fun here as they had to assist putting the fillings on top and keep guard that not all the yummy ham landed in munching little mouths. I had to laugh though ... each bambino was asked to give their names so that it could be written on a piece of paper and put with their specific pizza in order that each pizza could be returned to its rightful owner ... one little girl, when prompted for her name, she proudly announced 'Liewe Heksie'. Well everyone standing around had a good chuckle. So I asked her where her 'broom' was, and once again she was quick with her response: 'my broom is my mom's kitchen cupboard at home'.
Later in the afternoon the next activity was having each bambino planting their own little plant in a cute little bucket. Once again, the ever watchful parents did more planting so as to prevent soil flying every where. I thought this was yet another great activity to make the young one's realise the importance of nature.
The last activity of the afternoon was of course the highlight of any birthday party ... blowing the candles on the birthday cake and eating it. All the parents also had a huge slice of this very yummy chocolate cake with delicious creamy icing. Must say, it went down quite well with a cup of tea. I haven't seen so many bambinos together since attending primary school.
So near the end of the party, Conroy suggested that I take a nice group picture of all the bambinos together ... ya right ... its very obvious that he doesn't have any kiddos of his own ... how do you line up 20+ children ranging between the ages of 2 and 9 all at the same and stand still for the perfect shot, I ask you.
I just would like to complement Lize on arranging such a wonderful birthday party for her little girl at such a lovely venue and with very interesting activities. And of course for all the lovely eats that were also available for all the parents. I trust that she will be happy with the photo shoot she commissioned me to do.
PS: Have you noticed all the BLONDE bambinos? ... must be something in the water ... what do you think?
- Signing off, wishing I could be 3 again


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  2. Lovely pic.... nice reminder of a wonderful party for the mom.

    ps... thanks for your comments on my blog too.

  3. What a wonderful venue for a party. Certainly gives the parents a bit of a break with all the activities at hand. Very different to when my children were growing up!

    Your pictures are lovely and I look forward to seeing the finished layout (s?).

    I am sure that the cake tasted even better than it looked - and it looks divine!!

  4. Aaawh - birthday parties are so much fun when they're that little! I really enjoyed doing this while my kids were small - now they don't even want a fancy cake or anything! Cute photos!

  5. Ag this is so cute!!! Lovely pictures!

  6. looks like a super party. love all the little goodies. and the pics are stunning as usual. Can't wait to see the finished layout or 2 or 3.... Enjoy creating with such gorgous pics.

  7. Well done on the photo's! they are really lovely.

    I love the little marie biscuit men...I want some of those for my birthday this year???

    How time flies...I can't believe she is 3 already? And looking so lovely.

  8. Anonymous3:39 PM

    wow, what a party! nice photos.

  9. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Dit lyk of dit groot pret was! Pragtige foto's Desire!

  10. Ai sien hoekom hou ek nou vir my honde partytjis... dit is darem net soveel vreugde en al daardie gesiggies... 'n tuin vol feetjies. Dit was heerlik om te lees. Lekker gelag vir daardie Heksie se besem in haar ma se kas... jy wil mos weet!!

  11. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Seeing these gorgeous pics make me sad to think that my bambinos are so big now!!! OK Desire, no excuses you have enough pictures to get some new layouts for us scrapping junkies.....

  12. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Aw how wonderful....What a fabulous Day had by all....How much fun you must of all had...The cakes and the biscuits and the make-up looks sooo much fun!!!TFS:)
    `Happy Belated B`day` to The Birthday girl...
    Have a lovely Day:)~X~

  13. It looks and sounds like a fabulous party. Would you like to come and cater the twins'. Its next month :)

  14. Awesome party, how cute. WHat great photos you took...

  15. Wonderful pictures of beautiful children having a fabulous time - but do you now what leapt out at me????!!!!!???? Those blessed Marie biscuits which I have not seen for 20 years LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love the pizza-making and flower-planting ideas - what a delightful way to keep the kiddies busy.

    I love birthday parties - they are so much fun to organise - Bryce had amazing parties through the years - I think I must pull all the pics out and post a slide show so that you can see the stunning cakes "we" made ...

    Bryce's birthday is coming up soon and I have no clue as to what to do - does anybody know of a go-karting place we can hire here in Durbs??? PLEASE????

    Your pics are stunning as usual, Desire.

    Recently I saw a barbie doll cake (remember the doll with the round cake as her dress???) ... well, that's what I want this year ... brings back such lovely memories ...

    Love, Tracy


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