01 September 2008


Mom Sparrow showing her young the ropes

Spring Day has blown in accompanied by a cold spell here in Gauteng. So it is windy and cold this morning. But I love the cold weather and prefer it over those hot steamy summer days.
Mr Weaver has completed his nest building on Friday and has been doing the love dance around his nest the whole weekend, in an attempt to lure an interested Mrs. But with sadness I think Mr Weaver's luck has run out this time round. He probably will have to start building another love nest soon.
Wishing all you Doing Lifers a Happy Spring Day.


  1. Feeling rather brrr here on this chilly spring day but the signs of nature all point to the definate change of season. Thanks for your awesome photos. Go check out a little gift for you on my blog too.

  2. What lovely pictures. It is great being able to watch nature unfold in front of you. Hope Mr Weaver finds a Mrs, after he has built another suitable nest!!

    It is sunny here in KZN, but with an icy touch.

    Happy Spring Day to you too.

  3. Such a clever little bird! I'm holding thumbs that his love life improves x x x

  4. Fabulous photos, wish it were spring here!

  5. Love your photos Desire! So special to "catch" the birdies in action!

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    ek verlang so na lente dat ek sommer so laaaaaank hier op jou blog wil kuier en kyk hoe die voeltjies nes bou. Geniet die lente sommer names al ons sand ouens. Dis so kosbaar.
    Jou fotos is pragtig!!

  7. Wow, I love that nest - wonderful picture.


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