01 October 2008


Sjoe, another tall order, but I rather enjoyed this challenge. We don't often sit down and do a proper think on the things in life we actually can't live without. This time round we had to list 50 things we love ... yes you heard right not one or two, but FIFTY things we love. I prefer to call the things I love 'My Essentials to Happiness', and here they all are, contained in the journaling pocket in the top left corner of the layout.


Before I mention the things I love I just would like to mention the basic belief I live by i.e. happiness come from within and no one and no thing can begin to make you happy if you are not content and happy from within, therefore one creates your own happiness. And of course if you believe in the Creator of All, happiness is a sure thing.

This is my HAPPINESS list:

*The most important love of my love is my life partner, friend and soul mate, Conroy who gives meaning to living each day as if it is my last and makes me feel loved and cared for.

*The smell of freshly baked bread and having a warm slice with melting butter and homemade apricot jam.

*Watching birds (especially Wagtails) having a good wash down in a bird bath situated in a beautiful garden. Wagtails exuberates such happiness.

*Capturing the beautiful innocence of children on camera.

*The smell of freshly fallen rain on a dirt road, brings back fond memories of life on a farm.

*The comforting taste of plain old Cadbury’s chocolate melts away any bad vibes.

*Peanut butter and honey with a slice of white bread toast – note the order.

*The high one experience when completing a running/walking road race.

*Climbing a mountain and experiencing the exhilarating feeling of freedom on top.

*Freshly prepared Crayfish with a creamy sherry and prawn sauce.

*When a scrapbooking design materialise and the final layout is just as I have imagined it all along.

*Collecting my latest photos from the lab.

*When out in nature and beautiful white fluffy clouds are offset against the bluest of blue skies.

*My favourite drink Schweppes Dry Lemon & a tot of Gin topped with a stick filled with cherries.

*2-Ply Baby Soft Toilet Tissue Paper.

*Creamiest, foamiest … most delicious NescafĂ© Cappuccino or any other cappuccino.

*Warm home made custard with ProNutro … my Dad used to call me ‘Miss Vla’.

*Any home baked warm pudding.

*Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Hydrating Lotion.

*Environ facial products.

*Watching my favourite TV Soap, Egoli.

*The feeling of walking on air after a pedicure.

*Home made Lasagne with lots of creamy white cheese sauce.

*A neat and organised home.

*Beautiful Persian carpets.

*My laptop, can’t live without it

*Wearing my wedding ring which at the moment is the second version of the original due to theft etc.

*Wearing my late Mom’s wedding band and her Mom’s wedding band which I have melted down to make one band … which is also a second version of the original due to theft.

*My in-laws who have done so much for us and loves me as one of their own daughters.

*My Canon cameras, which in a way is an extension of me.

*Waking up in the morning to the sound of bird song ... makes me want to get up and start the day with a song in my heart.

*Crawling into a warm bed which has been heated by an electric blanket on a cold winters night ... makes me feel safe.

*Taking that once in a life time perfect photo ... makes my heart skip a few beats.

*Admiring nature's beautiful flowers and being amazed at the spectrum of colours and knowing that there is a higher power.

*Walking in nature ... keeps my spirit upbeat.

*Friends who accept me for whom and what I am ... give me a feeling of belonging.

*To GIVE to someone who NEEDS ... makes me feel worthy.

*Delft crockery … inherited quite a few pieces from my late Mom and Dad.

*Setting a festive Xmas table.

*Putting up and decorating the Xmas tree, especially love lots of lights in the tree.

*Finding a piece of clothing in the shops that I like, in just the right size.

*Taking a holiday and spending it at a luxurious lodge in beautiful natural surrounds.

*Meerkats as they are a good example to human beings of how to care for your fellow beings and to stand together in difficult times.

*Nyala is my favourite wild buck.

*Proteas with their everlasting beauty.

*Getting breakfast in bed, served by my darling hubby Conroy … this has been happening now for 24+ years.

*Cold and rainy winter days.

*Beautiful paintings of nature, the traditional way ... no modern stuff.

*Lemon Meringue Pie.

*Crystal Cut Glass pieces, inherited quite a few pieces from my late Mom and Dad.


All the patterned cardstock on the layout is Basic Grey ... another essential in my life.

Off to start the next challenge ... not to mention the pressure. Thank you for looking.

- Happy, signing off.


  1. Hi Desire I love visiting your blog, I am very nosy so love leaning about people, and I think your photographs are Awesome, and your scrapbook pages are an absolute work of art
    Hugs Jacqui x

  2. Stunning layout Desire - it is just so you!!

    I enjoyed reading your "life essentials", some of which I have got to know, others kind of what I thought were typical of you.

    I have listed all mine, just to now put them into a layout!

  3. Nice layout... think this is something I should do too in the not to distant future.. but will stop at 40 seeing as that's how old I'll be next month (yikes it's almost here!)

  4. This is a fabby LO, loved reading your 50!! essentials! :)

  5. That took some doing!! Like Jacqui I love visitng your blog Desire, I love reading your posts and oogling all the lekker foties. Love this l/o, those proteas are just stunning!

  6. Beautiful layout Desire!

    Enjoyed your happiness list!

  7. What an absolutely wonderful list!


  8. Wow...there is just so much of life to enjoy...your list makes me realise it all over again.

  9. I'm really enjoying learning so much about you!

    have to get my A in G and get my layout finished!


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