29 October 2008


Here is the journaling for this challenge:

Being the practical soul I am naturally flows over into my clothing style. I only wear clothes in which I feel comfortable in and are practical for the specific moment or event. Wearing, often uncomfortable, seasonal fashions are a waste of money for me. I would say that my style can be described as classic and timeless. I mostly wear unprinted fabrics in natural colours i.e. brown, beige, navy, black, khaki, green and black. Should you ever spot me wearing brightly coloured prints you should know that it was a brave move on my side or that I am on my way to a fancy dress.

As a child and teenager my Mom, Phoebe, made all my clothes (even my school uniforms including the blazers) and I can remember how once a month we would leave the farm for a trip to the city with the farm workers on the back of the bakkie to visit Port Elizabeth. Me and Mom were then dropped at her favourite fabric shop, Zee’s (if I can remember correctly), whilst Dad did his rounds with the farm workers stocking up on general items for the farm. I and Mom would then sit nearly an entire day picking and choosing patterns and fabrics for them. Even then I use to pick solid coloured fabrics with now and then dainty prints. I don’t think I have got a preference as far as a dress or pants is concerned.

The last items of clothing Mom made for me with her rheumatoid arthritic warped little hands was my wedding dress, going-away dress, bridesmaid dress, the flower girls dresses and her own outfit.

I seldom wear high heel shoes as I definitely don’t feel comfortable in them and feel that flatter comfy shoes are also better for your back in the long term. My 7½ sized feet are very broad and if I do find a comfy shoe that fits, I usually by 2 to 3 pairs of the same shoe in differently colours. As a child growing up on a farm I was permanently barefoot, but after getting married, I am not fond of walking bare feet and can’t stand my feet getting dirty.

I am a natural blond, but have been slowly but surely getting grey since my late twenties. So I colour my hair every 8 weeks ... never been brave enough to go the darker route. I have always preferred my hair long, but the odd occasion that I have cut my hair short (very short), DH Conroy just went head over heels for it, not that doesn’t like my hair long, but he feels very short hair suits me much better because then my ears are open and he can play and pull them as he pleases. I have permed my long hair quite often.

I have always liked my nails longish and have never had the need for a French manicure as I have naturally hard nails with white tips. I use Environ facial products and have been doing so for many years. As far as make-up is concerned, I only wear a Skin Smoothing Powder with blusher and a little bit of mascara combined with a natural lipstick. Chanel No.5 is my favourite perfume. If I know I am going to be home all day, I prefer not wearing any make-up.

I mostly prefer gold jewellery and love to wear something on my wrist together with my watch. My Mom had quite expensive taste in jewellery and wore jewellery every day. I did inherit quite a few of her jewellery items, but unfortunately most of the 18ct cold jewellery was stolen during two break-ins we had over the years (including me wedding ring). I have replaced some of the items, but decided that it is safer not wearing lots of visible gold jewellery living in South Africa and saved some of the insurance cash pay-outs. The most sentimental item of jewellery that was stolen was a ring I have had made from rings spanning over three generations. I have replaced this ring, but unfortunately the sentimental value can never be replaced.

These pics were taken at Sun City on 24 May 1997 and the event was the Bankfin Annual Toyota Dealership Awards.
Off to do Challenge No.10 : Home.
- Stylish Signing Off


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Wow Desire, I think this layout is very elegant and I think your journaling very interesting.
    Love Carol

  2. You are keeping up well, I need a whole weekend to cath up on all mine...

  3. Awesome layout Desire - I see we both like Channel No. 5.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    This is a `beautiful` LO Desire...love all the journalling:)
    Have a lovely Day:)~X~

  5. awesome layout! so interesting reading about you and your dress code!

  6. Fab LO and great papers. Love the journaling, and you look fab in the photos.
    I think we probably have a similar taste in clothes, comfortable, practical and natural!
    Cathy xx

  7. I love the photos in this layout, you both look so lovely! Stunning layout and the journalling is so interesting. You really are leaving us all in the dust with this challenge!


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