18 December 2008

{for Coen & Marie Fourie on Saturday, 13 December 2008}
After months of secret lies, scheming and photo thefts (007, beware your job may be on the line), the big day arrived this past Saturday. Coen and Marie were told, the Wednesday before the big day, by their daughter Louise and her husband that they were taking them out for a breakfast at a brand new venue which recently opened in Uitenhage. Mom at first thought that Louise has won the lotto, because why would they suddenly want to take them out. Louise had to reinforce that Saturday was their golden anniversary. Mom's response was 'oh what a lovely surprise' and Louise thought to herself 'just wait, the real surprise is still on its way'.
So, once all the family and friends have arrived at Barkley Theatre, we phoned Louise to inform her that the coast was clear and that they could pick Mom and Dad up for their breakfast date. Louise only lives 2km's from them. As planned, Louise gave a missed call on their arrival at Barkley Theatre and Conroy kept a watchful eye on their entrance through the main venue doors and as soon as they were inside the small foyer of theatre, he gave the signal for the wedding march to be played. Louise said that when Mom heard the wedding march she put on the brakes and said that they were definitely at the wrong place as there is a wedding taking place. But, Louise gave her a little nudge in the back, opened the curtains and said that they must just continue to walk.
Above, one can just see a million emotions and surprise on their faces. Tears of joy were doing the rounds amongst the family and friends.
Slowly, but surely the moment was sinking in as familiar faces were recognised one by one.
Once Dad saw Conroy, the moment was just too big and the flood gates could not be controlled.
Once everyone have calmed down, finished wiping the tears of joy, greetings were done and everyone took their seats, Conroy said a few words of welcome and congratulated Coen and Marie on being the wonderful parents they were and still are and for being such a loving example to all over the past 50 years.
Above, the little pouches made for each table setting which had two mini bite Cadbury's choccies inside. The sentiment circle were created in MS Word by means of a text box, which I discovered could be in a circle format. A faux stitching outline was selected for the circle text box. Very impressed with this new style of text box ... be prepared to see lots more of these on layouts and cards.
Above, the mosaic frame gifts for the guests. Michelle and Shelley, just to let you know, everyone were totally bowled over by this gift and I am sure will take pride positions on all the mantel pieces.
After all the formalities everyone got stuck into the fruit cocktail with a yogurt/custard topping, which I must say was quite different, but yummy. The main course was also delicious with a very different egg dish. Desert of course was cupcakes.
The PowerPoint slideshow presentation playing in the background.
Above, the guests of honour.
Above, the family and friends, with all the grand children in front.
Coen and Marie with their seven grand children.
After various family photos were taken, everyone departed round about 12:15pm. Me and Conroy returned to Micasa Guest House for an afternoon snooze and went to visit the family later in the afternoon. Sunday, we took Mom and Dad to see the latest Mr Bones movie at the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth, followed by a delicious lamb burger lunch at a restaurant along the beach.
We flew back on Monday to the Wild West rat race here in Johannesburg. All in all it was great to see the family again and a change of scenery is always as good as a holiday.
- Glowing with Gold Signing Off


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    after all your hard work, it all looks awesome! congrats on a 'job' well done!

    i love the gold color scheme. and the overwhelm on their faces.

  2. How beautiful and you can just see the joy on their faces. Congratulations on such a great job.

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

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  4. Hi Desire

    So bly alles het so mooi afgeloop en die harte het gehou:) Dit sal inderdaad 'n dag wees wat hulle altyd sal onthou.

  5. Oh my Desire. I was in tears when i got to the photo of your dads face as he realized what was going on. His face says it all. I think it was such a gorgeous surprise for them, what wonderful daughters you are. Big hugs to you hun. Hugs Linda x

  6. Desire, you are such a gem.
    You went to SO much trouble to make this an unforgettable occasion.
    So much attention to detail & all your trademark finishing touches made this surprise so, so special - I think the tears speak for themselves.

    PS: LOVE the gold cupcakes {not so sure about the custard though, LOL!}

  7. That is very sweet!! :)
    I only hope that I can be married just as long and look just as happy as they do!!

  8. The pictures say everything and I am crying having read you post!!

    That was absolutely awesome and they are such a special couple and an inspiration to so many, not just your family. They are so lucky to have someone like you in their family - well done on all your hard work.

    Looking forward to seeing the scrapped page.

  9. Sjoe Desire, jy het so baie moeite gedoen en dit het PRAGTIG gelyk!! Ek het ook sommer trane in my oë gekry toe ek na jou skoonouers se reaksie op die foto's kyk! Hulle is voorwaar baie bevoorreg om hulle 50ste te kon vier, gelukkig saam te wees en kinders te hê wat so baie vir hulle omgee.

  10. Looks like a hard work was put into this, and I am sure it was well received... Great job as always, and I am sure it is a day they will never forget.

  11. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Oh Desire, you are all soo lucky to have each other and what a wonderful surprise it must have been for them. Well done, I know you put pleanty of work into making all the little extra goodies.

  12. Oh how wonderful, what a fabulous surprise and the expressions on their faces say it all. I'm sure you had a great time and a lovely day to remember

  13. Desire,

    What a wonderful event! Everything looked beautiful: the table, the golden cupcakes, the table favors, the gifts etc. Wow, it really was amazing and such a wonderful event to celebrate.

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Oh Wow What a wonderful time you all had..Love the look on their faces...It speaks volumes..Brought a little tear to my eye Desire`..TFS
    `Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family:)~X~

  15. Ek is so bly vir julle dat alles so goed afgeloop het! Dis wonderlik om so 'n spesiale huwelik so te gedenk!

  16. Oh bless them, I've also shed tears of joy reading this and looking at all the photos Desire - what a wonderful day for two very special and cherised people

    hugs Bev x

  17. This day was an absolute success.... congrats on all your plans... the scheming definately paid off.

  18. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Hi,tannie. Weereens dankie vir al die moeite wat tannie gedoen het!! Ons almal, veral oupa & ouma, sal dit nooit vergeet nie!! Als was so pragtig.

    Liefde Marilize xxx

  19. Desire this had tears rolling down my cheeks too! What an amazing gesture of love! Well done on all your hard work, I can just imagine how touched they were!

  20. Wow...add "party planner" to your resume now too...looks like everything was perfect ;-)

  21. Desire dis vreeslik mooi en spesiaal ek kan sien jy het baie moeite gedoen! Die foto's wys hulle het dit baie geniet en waardeer!

    Baie geluk met jou skoonouers se 50ste herdenking!

    Ek het nou so lekker aan al jou bloginskrywings opgevang, dit was soos om met my gunsteling tydskrif te kuier!!!


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