22 January 2009

Apologies for keeping you all in suspense ... a few impatient commentators were stalking Doing Life. With Conroy starting up his own consulting business from the beginning of February, his company car will be something of the past and we had to source another set of wheels.
This past Saturday morning we visited our local Toyota dealer, Halfway Toyota Fourways, to have a look at the latest Toyota models on their showroom floor (@ the Arena). The Auris impressed us both and especially its funky/sporty looks appealed to me. The Toyota Representative, Robert McKay immediately arranged a test drive for us in an Auris 1.6RS. Its an automatic with a manual override, very snazzy I must say. Returning from the test drive, Conroy decided right there that his purchasing this little spirited car for me. Can a girl be so spoilt?
We were very impressed with the professional no-fuss treatment we got from Robert McKay ... no silly salesman talk. Of course I had to get a Fern Green Metallic, as most of you know, green is my favourite colour. Thank you Robert, we will definitely refer any potential Toyota client we know of, to you.
So here is the official hand over of yours truly's new set of wheels, which was late yesterday afternoon. (Robert McKay on left) Even my DH was eager to take some pics, very unusual for him.
Robert even spelt my name correctly on the Congratulations sign seen here on the window. There are very few people who makes the effort to put the dash on the 'í' of my name. So his definitely scoring big time here.
Its raining today, so I did not use my new set of wheels as I did not want it to get dirty so soon and used our Toyota Avensis instead to do my normal rounds this morning. Conroy will be using the Avensis from February.
The Auris is only our 4th ever car we have purchased during our 24+ years of marriage. Our very first car was a Mazda we got way back in the mid 1980's. The Mazda was our only car for a few years and we always had to plan our trips carefully. In 1997, Conroy bought me a Corolla and we passed the Mazda down to family. At the end of 2007 we sold the Corolla to Suzette, an ex scrapping student and dear friend of mine and Conroy bought me the Toyota Avensis. So it is now the third time I am getting spoilt with a brand new car. Please don't get it wrong, I am not a car addict, for me its only important to get from point A to B and it does not matter how I get there, as long as it is safely.
I know one should not play the comparison game, but the Auris is nearly three times the price of our very first home in the mid 1980's. One could never have imagined that a car's price could become so close to a house's price.
So there it is, the beans have been spilt. Looking forward to many funky kilometres in my new sleek
green machine.


  1. Enjoy the snazzy new wheels...it's a beauty!!!

  2. Wow you are a lucky girl. Enjoy x

  3. Woo hoo, you spoilt girl you. At least I will be the first from KZN to see it!!!!! Maybe even have a ride in it when I see you on Sunday!!!!!

    Congrats - also lovely colour.

  4. How divine!! You lucky girl!!

  5. Great car Desire, have fun!!

  6. Geluk met jou "snazzy" nuwe wiele...geniet dit!


  7. Congratulations on you`re new car!!
    love the colour :)
    Hugs from Maya

  8. You lucky thing you - hope you and your new sleek green maching have many happy miles together!

    hugs Bev x

  9. Wow!! Dis 'n nice kar! Ek hou baie van die kleur ook! Baie geluk en geniet hom!!

  10. Congrats on the beautiful new wheels!

  11. OOOOhhhh, that is a very pretty car - you lucky girl!!

    Hope you enjoy every kilometre ... and drive safe ...

    Love, Tracy

  12. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Hi Desire,
    Thanks so much for your kind words I really do appreciate it. I am sure you will enjoy many many kilometers with your new car. Great to have met special people like you guys.
    Kind regards, Robert

  13. Oh lucky girl...super cute car...please remove the bow before driving.

  14. You're very lucky to get new wheels... especially seeing as you went to get HUBBY some... hehehe. He must be a very good man. Enjoy them and drive safely.

  15. Whoa...way to go Desire! (would put the thingie on the I but cant do it on my pc!!!) BTW you certainly don't need to even THINK about going on my diet from the looks of you X

  16. Oh Desire, you are indeed a very lucky girl, what a gorgeous new car, i hope the weather is good so you can enjoy it. Hugs Linda x

  17. Oh Desire, you are indeed a very lucky girl, what a gorgeous new car, i hope the weather is good so you can enjoy it. Hugs Linda x

  18. wow ~ nice car chickie! love that color! enjoy your *rides*

  19. Gorgeous card Desire, wonderful colour - happy driving.
    I worked out how to put the 'dash' on the i but it took so long I decided you'll just have to do without it!!
    hugs Heather xx

  20. 'n Meisie mag bederf word! Baie geluk Desire!

    Ek hou van die kleur en die sporty look!!

    x x

  21. Anonymous3:44 PM

    FUNKY wiele, FUNKY kleur, FUNKY meisie!! Geniet dit.
    Liefde Marilize xxx

  22. OMG how sppilt can one girl be this is just fantastic and to have that lovly bow on it as well just the icing on the cake. Enjoy your new wheels dear I am sure you deserve them
    big hugs Jacqui x

  23. Oh you lucky girl! That color is intriguing too.


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