06 February 2009

This is a first for Doing Life's Online Shoppe. Yes, I designed the first card kit which is now available over at the Shoppe. The kit includes all the supplies you will need to create this card i.e. what you see is what you get. But wait there is more ... the kit also includes step-by-step comprehensive notes and a colour photograph of the card to help guide you to completing this card layout. All you have to do is to enter the recipient and sender's names on the inside of the card.
We often find it difficult to get hold of an appropriate card for the men, and this one is just perfect for that special man, but at the same time can be quite suitable for a lady. The cost for complete kit is R60 and oh yes, it also includes an envelope which has been stamped on the front to tie in with the theme of the card. The card is an A5 size (half an A4). So, why wait, hop over straight to the Shoppe.
Today was the first day in nearly two weeks that we had a full day of sun and no rain in sight. I must say that sunlight do wonders for lifting the spirits.
Quite an eventful day today. Since we have bought our new home just over a year ago, we have had an endless battle with the three doors on the top level leading out to the balcony as well as the downstairs scullery door. These four doors are all of the same designs and manufactured by Van Ach, a well known wood window and door frame manufacturer here in South Africa.
All along the builder is quite aware of our resentment regarding the quality of the doors. All of them have been pulling apart and had some cracks for which the builder sent Van Ach to come and fill in. Apart from the cracks the builder's carpenter have been here at least three times to come and plain the doors as we regularly could not get the doors open without kicking and bashing at them. So during December last year, enough was enough as my domestic, Rachel, had to go in and out of my studio's sliding doors leading onto the patio to get to the washing line and servants quarters, as the scullery door could not open at all. I got on the phone to the builder and demanded that the doors be replaced with brand new ones and fitted properly.
So, today was the day. But of course, it was not a matter of simply taking off the old doors and fitting the new ones. The top half of these doors have windows fitted to them and we have roman blinds fitted onto the doors to cover the window section. I had to co-ordinate with our interior decorator to come and uninstall the the roman blinds, this morning before the carpenter could start with the installation of the new doors. The old doors were taken off their hinges, their glass, locks, handles, etc. was dismantled and installed onto the new doors.
Well, all four new doors are now installed, but no roman blinds to cover the window sections, as the interior decorator is going to put good quality block-out lining onto the roman blinds. The doors also still need a final coat of oil to match the colour of the house's window frames (which will probably be applied next week). All this has got us moving a step backwards and we are once again squatters in our own home with municipal black plastic rubbish bags cut and stuck to the windows with prestik, for some privacy. I must say we can't complain at all as we are still squatting in luxury, compared to real squatters who have to make do with just about nothing. I still say thank you every day for the privilege of having a roof over heads and full tummies to go to bed with every night.
Thanks again for stopping and your precious comments. May you all have another wonderful weekend in the month of love.


  1. Interesting web-site design and article. Have a good weekend. - Old Dog,Ray.

  2. Good luck with your first card kit.... the first of many I expect.

  3. Hi Desire,

    Your card kit is stunning! Best of luck with it! I read about your doors and windows; what a story. I am praying that everything is finished soon.

    Love, Glee

  4. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Hope everything is sorted and finished soon Desire..Your card is `gorgeous` very fitting for any man...
    Have a lovely Saturday:)~X~

  5. A gorgeous card Desire, I love the image!

  6. The quality of work now days is just not the same anymore. Hope you don't have to squat too long and the rain doesn't delay matters further.

    Love the new card kit and very appropriate for a man.

  7. Desire this is amazing!! Such a stunning image and those papers are fantastic!!

    hugs Bev x

  8. I've had a similar week with our landlord standing me up twice on the painting he promised to do after our roof leaked onto our ceilings. Having a home is a huge blessing as you point out, but the maintenance is a pain!

  9. good luck with your doors... sounds like lots of fun and games... hop it all comes together asap

  10. Geluk Desire, nog 'n eerste vir jou!


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