06 July 2009

Have been busy beading again ... quite a nice change to paper crafting. This is another commission I received from a bride whose wedding colours are going to be apricot and apple green. She has already collected it and by the looks of it she is quite pleased with it, which is a great relief for yours truly. Its the same bride for whom I did the 40x wedding invitations in the same colour combo, a few weeks back. She has also collected the invitations ... so for me its another one done and dusted.
A big thank you to Helen who has awarded me with this award. You can find Helen's blog here. I am required to share 10 honest facts about myself & tag my followers, so please feel free to join in. Just leave me a comment & let me know!

So here's the 10 random facts about yours truly:

  • A bit of a perfectionist in certain areas of my life ... no skewness for me.
  • I wear a size 7,5 to 8 shoe ... well grounded I would say.
  • A neat freak ... an uncluttered home feeds an uncluttered mind.
  • Have done 5 major 5 to 7-day backpacking hikes in South Africa i.e. Swellendam, Otter, Fish River Canyon, Outeniqua & Tsitsikamma.
  • Have been married to the same gorgeous man for 25 years on 30 November 2009.
  • Have climbed the highest peak in the Northern Drakensberg, South Africa i.e. Cleft peak in 11 hours.
  • Took up yoga classes for the first time in 2009.
  • Seeing a dietitian for the first time in 2009.
  • Seriously organised
  • Quite shy.

I am tagging the following blog friends to reveal a bit of themselves:

A THANK YOU A big thank you to Karin, my fellow Design Team member over at Dutch Dare Card Challenge for this lovely button below she has gifted me.

Off to finish another Xmas 2008 layout after which I have another two layouts of Xmas 2008 to complete the event. Will share it with you all soon here.

Thanks again for all your lovely inspirational comments.


  1. Hi darling is there any end to you talents!! I adore your blog its in my sidebar now so I miss nothing!!! this jewellery is fantastic love and hugies June xx

  2. Wow so lovely!!! Hugs Cindy

  3. I love the jewellery Desire...the bride must be over the moon with the results of your hands.

    I was tagged by our lovely friend Helen for this as well and will be sharing some honest thoughts with you soon.

  4. WOW! I love the jewellery! ~Olena~

  5. Love the colours of the jewelry...

  6. Oh wow Desire this jewelery is stunning!
    She will be so happy to wear this!
    kim x

  7. Wow Desire the jewellery is amazing...you are very talented...I would love to bead but dare not even learn or my little bit of scrappy time will have to be shared with another hobby LOL! Thanks for rising to my challenge so quickly! I am certainly not like you with the hiking...but in a lot of other ways...I also hate mess & love order...and am as perfectionist as I can be...although with 4 kids I have had to learn to temper that trait...glad you have bigger feet than me..I am a 7! I am also quite shy would you believe?! When I am out & about with people I can't bear the loudmouths...

  8. Hey Desire adore the jewellery and the insight to you :) Kim

  9. Anonymous2:37 AM

    `WoW` Your jewellrey is
    `Stunningly Beautiful` Desiree
    Congrats on the Awards..
    Have a lovely week:) xxx

  10. Oh WOW Desire, the jewellery is just stunning, I'm not surprised the bride was pleased with this. Hugs Michele x

  11. Wow so lovely jewellery!
    Congrats on you award!
    Hugs, Elena

  12. WOW gorgeous jewellery.

  13. wow Desire...fabulous jewellery...loved reading about you....thanks for the tag and will be sharing 10 facts about myself soon....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

  14. Your jewelry is just beautiful Desire! I love the colors!

    Fun to read all about you too!

    (-: Heidi

  15. Oh my goodness, your jewelry is just so beautiful! I adore the colors, Desire! You have a special way of turning the "ordinary" into "extraordinary!"

    I loved reading the facts about you and I certainly will participate on my blog, my Friend, the next time I post!

  16. Oh this is so pretty Desire, gorgeous colours

  17. Hmmm! Something to think about sharing!!:-) Keep up the creativity
    Sam x

  18. I'm sure you had a very happy bride :)

    Thanks for the tag xxx

  19. Gorgeouis necklace love those colours
    Jose xx


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