07 February 2012

Freak Hail Storm
{Sunday, 5 February 2012}

Sunday afternoon at about 4:30pm, the heavens opened here in Fourways, Johannesburg {South Africa} and a mass of hail were shooting down from the sky at a 45 degree angle, accompanied by thunder and lightning.  We stood in amazement on the patio looking at the spectacle. some of the rock roses in the garden took some hammering, but otherwise everything else seemed to be hail proof.  On Monday morning there were still blocks of ice here and there in the garden.  It seemed like a lot of the houses in our estate had some problems with their roofs leaking during storm as I have noticed quite a number of roof contractors visiting the estate on Monday.  Fortunately we were okay apart from no water or electricity supply since 1pm Sunday and only functioned again in the early morning hours of Monday.

So here are a pic or two:

Floods and torrent rains have been fore casted by the weather experts for February in Gauteng.  So it seems like anything is possible, we might see snow in February here in South Africa.


  1. We can do with a little rain... :'(

  2. Wow Desire, they are some big hailstones you had over the weekend and I have to say it looks quite pretty amongst the shrubbery :) Donna ♥ x

  3. WOW, they sure look big...

  4. oh my goodness Desire that looks so strange, the palms and the snow and hail together...have you ever seen it before?
    Mina xxx

  5. Yikes! The hail storm sounds a little scary...I only saw hail once...it was a very brief and the pellets were not all that big, but there was that element of "wow" along with a touch of "spooky".

  6. WOW that is crazy!!!!

  7. Oh dear me - shame poor you! Hope that gorgeous garden of yours is okay!!

  8. Oh my, i hate whenever this happens. Especially if I have to wake up early to go for work.
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