21 May 2006

BEADING FRENZY - Sunday, 21 May 2006 The weekend has come and gone leaving us with clapping teeth after temperatures plumeted to 10 degrees in Kloof. The winter of 2006 did not creep up on us but literally STRUCK us. We outlived a vicious hale storm Friday afternoon at work. Hale the size of golf balls came to down with brute force leaving its mark on some of our cars. Everyone at work stood at windows and doors staring out at white icy balls plumeting to earth in buckets full. The lawn were covered with a white layer resembling snow. With the cold front settling in for the weekend - it was the ideal opportunity to get stuck into my new hobby - yes scrapbooking is taking a back seat for the moment. Beads has taken over my lunch breaks. I hesitantly got hooked after a beading shop 'BeadMania' opened their doors about six weeks ago in the Village Mall Shopping Centre. I frequent this shopping mall daily during my lunch hour to do various admin jobs for my work. Needless to say, lunch hours are spent in BeadMania fine tuning my beading skills and selecting bead stuff.

It is quite overwhelming in the beginning when one is faced with literally thousands of different beads varying, in size, substance, colour, texture, purpose, etc. One also needs to get a grip on the terminology in order for shop assistants not to look puzzled at you.

Well, for nearly two years I was wondering what all the fuss was about - now I know - beads can creep into the tiniest crevices of your soul - causing your mind to scheme and dream new designs! (see my creations above) Will have to see whether yours truly will stay hooked indefinitely as with scrapbooking.
- Beading Scrapper signing off


  1. WOW, those are awesome, are there any for sale and how much, LOVE those PINK ones.

    See you on Monday night at Ellie's.

  2. Wow, Desire. They're beautiful. I've always been keen to try beading,but been to scared that I'd be hooked and have another hobby to add to my list of things I enjoy spending time doing. You may just have convinced me to give it a bash.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Where can I place my order and how much? they are so pretty.


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