28 May 2006

BEADY EYED JEWELER - Sunday, 28 May 2006

Yes, I have definitely discovered that BEADING IS ADDICTIVE! It is really satisfying to see the end products - a suttle mixture of different sized, textured and coloured beads blending into one item such as a bracelet or watch. My new found hobby has culminated into a small business on the side. Yes the bracelets and watches have been snatched up by my bedazzled scrapbooking students. Libby, I am sure you will recognise your two items ordered!

To my PICK-OF-THE-CROP crew - brace yourselves for an exciting development in July!!! - Bedazzled signing off


  1. Hey D,

    These are all so awesome, may have to try it out fo myself too...got me thinking, as they will make great pressies.

  2. Now you really got me going...I want to know what the exciting development is???

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Yippee!!!! I cant believe they are done already.....you sure dont waste any time! Can I add one more to my order? I like the look of the square faced one in between my pink watch and the blue bracelet too. Is it for sale too? or made for someone else?

  4. Hi Libs. Its for sale too. The prices are a little bit more due to some beads and watch faces being a bit more. The square faced watch is for sale - think the price is between R220 and R240. But I will keep it for you.
    Love Desire

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    They are absolutely stunning Desire. You are really one talented lady!!




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