14 May 2006

REGULAR THURSDAY SPECIAL - Thursday, 11 May 2006 My Thursday night regular scrapping students were up to ‘childish’ behaviour, being a BIG pain in the *%##% and generally good for nothing!

Just kidding, they have been super special to me. The Greek sisters spoilt me with belated good wishes, beautiful roses and 2 huge bags of ‘Jennings Fudge’. A big thank you to Stella and Nicola – don’t know what I did to deserve all this. Conroy couldn’t wait for me to finish teaching the ‘loud’ bunch so that I can open my fudge. Needless to say – he helped himself and his ‘sweet tooth’ generously.

Beverley joined the Thursday pets and made extra sure that she is not occupying a teacher’s pet seat – seriously wanted to keep her shares up or is it down now? – perhaps even competing for that Teachers Pet No. &^%$ spot. Her shares took a turn for the worse when the general layout of the evening was to ‘childish’ for her liking.

During a lesson with me in April, Libby (self-proclaimed TEACHER'S PET) snapped away with her Sony Cybershot during class - needless to say at everyone present's disgust - although this had lots of snorts, smiles, jokes, etc radiating from the 'Thursday Specials'. When she actually had hard copy evidence in hand at the next lesson - a kind of hush fell over everyone - whilst staring at their worst profiles! Nevertheless unperturbed by everyone's remarks we designed this layout. Everyone added their little message and 'Tha Teacha' applied the rub-on words.

Carol ('Nearly Self-Proclaimed Teacher's Pet') apparently the real 'Teacher's Pet' at her Quilting lessons brought her latest quilting work on 'STASH MANAGEMENT' to prove that she is the real Teacher's Pet as far as her quilting teacher is concerned. Everyone were unanimous on the fact that we cannot wait for Scrap Management Quilting design! Watch out Carol you have just been commissioned!

- Tha Teacha signing off


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Thursdays!! My favorite day of the week!

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Looking forward to doing another "childish" layout tonight!


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