19 June 2006

OUR HOUSE IS ON SHOW - Treasured Moments (Issue 6)

This layout which I did of our house, with the aid of a stencil I designed for Ellie Griffiths (Alleycat Scrapbooking) and her husband Philip to manufacture, was published in a South African magazine 'Treasured Moments' under the 'Teachers' section.

This was the write-up that appeared with the layout in the magazine:
TIPS: This layout was done with a stencil/template that I designed for which I got the idea from an advert on the Durban Pavilion Shopping Centre. Looking more closely at the graphic designs used in magazines and adverts could spark inspiration for your future layouts. MOTIVATION:
We often forget to take photos of our homes and as we move on the memories of our past homes fade. Having done this layout I knew that we will always have a visual memory of this house we made our home.
We have an indigenous garden and the white irises were in full bloom one sunny afternoon and I had to take the opportunity of capturing them. The specks of white formed a nice frame around the photos of our home.
My students were quite proud of me and like they say: 'Now we can also say we know a celebrity'.
- Home grown signing off

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