12 July 2006

DRAKENSBERG BREAKAWAY - Friday, 7 July to Wednesday, 12 July 2006 We frequented our favourite piece of paradise in the Southern Drakensberg, CATHEDRAL PEAK. We arrived Friday afternoon just in time for afternoon tea with cake and biscuits after which we made our way to the trout dam where I attempted to take some sunset pictures. Fortunately we did choose this time seeing that it was the only time during our stay that there were clouds in the sky, which always makes for more dramatic photos. Our first night was also the chilliest and the weather seemed to become warmer and more comfortable as each day passed. Saturday we mellowed around and went for a 5km jog on the cross country course and afterwards doing 20 min of gym (just too much energy!). On Sunday, we did a guided 8km hike to RIBBON FALLS and MUSHROOM ROCK. Our guide was Absalom (see pic). The weather was perfect and we did it in 4 hours. I did notice that hubby was lagging behind me on the hike which was very unusual for him who is always a km ahead. During dinner he mentioned that his eyes are burning and by Monday morning he had a full blown head cold and fever. Our energetic plans of climbing the highest peak in this area of the Drakensberg namely CLEFT PEAK on Tuesday (24km hike), flew out the window. We could only stare at Cleft Peak from a distance while nursing a serious head cold and flu.
We did however watch the final of the WORLD CUP SOCCER between France and Italy. I was very sad that my team France lost all because of their Captain, Zidan losing it when he openly head butted an opponent and was given a red card leaving his team with ten men. Monday morning after breakfast, we drove to the closest village, WINTERTON to get the Fourie Chemist stocked up on Corenza C’s, Strepsils, Berocca, etc. While Conroy was sweating it out in bed on Monday, I did manage to complete two scrapbooking layouts - one of the ALOE MARLOTHII which was flowering beautifully in our garden this season as well as another layout on the STRELITZIAS which has also been flowering constantly the last year. Beading also didn’t lose out and I managed to complete a few beading items. Our last day Tuesday was also spent in the lounge scrapbooking, reading and blogging whilst staring in wonder at the magnificent view of numerous peaks, namely the Bell, Cathedral Peak, Pyramid, Cleft, Organ Pipes, Buttress, etc.
All in all it was a very relaxing weekend apart from hubby being under the weather with flu. May be next time around we will get the better of CLEFT PEAK!!
In conclusion, I would like to mention Cathedral Peak’s staff. They are absolutely fantastic - always at your beck and call with a smile on their face. Then the superb cuisine is another story. There is no time for boredom to set in. Each day there was a different and interesting spread for breakfast and dinner!! - The Flu Widow signing off!


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Hi there, the pics you took in the berg look stunning, am very pleased you are back in time for our scrapping class tonight - could you please stop making such lovely beading goodies - I'm flat broke!

  2. Sure glad you had a nice break, looks like you had an awesome time in the mountians, making me jealous.

    See you Monday.


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