30 July 2006

PICK OF THE CROP 2nd ANNUAL SCRAPATHON - Saturday, 29 July 2006 It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by the delegates as well as the Pick-of-the-Crop (POTC) crew. The crew arrived at 6:30am, just in time for sunrise, feeling very apprehesive but excited at the same time. There were a lot of Uh-ah's' and Wow's during registration as the delegates received the two layouts' kits for the day in a very snazzy POTC zipper bag as well as a real girly lanierd with their name on it (thanks to Sophia). The crew was all kitted out in a snazzy aprons designed by Charmain the official POTC seamstress. We held an official photo session in our garde a week before the event to document POTC's new branding! I must say, there is not many other colours that make such a striking visual impact as 'black and pink'.

Our sponsors (see list below) were very generous and I would like to thank them on behalf of the POTC crew. Without them the delegates would have been a bit less spoilt.

We also launched a 'decorated headgear' competition which were thoroughly embraced by a huge number of the delegates and the winner Gail Houareau, who was voted for by all her fellow delegates, received a double scrapping frame sponsored by Scrap Framing. Second runner up was Libby Houareau (it must run in the family), one of my scrapbooking students, who has proclaimed herself as THE ONLY TEACHERS PET. Her headgear reflected all scrapping events held by me during the last three years and has deserved a proud spot in the 'BLUE ROOM' for all her fellow scrapping friends/enemies? to appreciate!

The Grand Prize, a Canon Sephy CP710 printer was one by a delighted Michelle Ramsay. Michelle was one of my first scrapbooking students (nearly four years ago) and we have also become friends on the road having done one or two walking races together. Enjoy your prize Michelle -no more fighting with photo lab staff who it seems has no proud in their work these days. The two layouts were relatively easy and most delegates actually followed their notes and myself and Suzette did not have to do too much talking, which we appreciated since the PA system was not the best out there. Both the layouts had titles which had to be stamped and this kept the crew on their toes. Eight stamping stations were circulated amongst the delegates giving them a wide range of fonts to choose from. A great deal of brainstorming for appropriate titles took place on an ongoing basis. In the end most of the ladies were very impressed with the fact that they could go home with two finished double page layouts, titles and journalling done! Alleycat Scrapbooking's little shop were buzzing with curious scrappers and a few eager buyers. A big thank you to Philip (Ellie's hubby) who manned the shop for us - at least there were one lonesome thorn amongst the roses. Conroy picked me up just before 6:00pm and spoilt us with Bangkok Wok take aways for supper. The Thai Chicken Noodles and Duck Curry was yummie. Needless to say that there was just enough energy left for a horizontal position the rest of the evening. A big thank you to, Suzette, Sophia, Charmian, Ellie and Jenny for all their hard work, interest and support. You girls are just the best!
PS: Blogger is giving problems wrt uploading of photos. I will therefore post photos individually with comments. - A very tired, but proud POTC crew member signing off!

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