31 July 2006

'Decorated Headgear'
- Saturday, 29 July 2006
Self-proclaimed Teachers Pet, the 'one and only' Libby spent a great deal of time decorating a huge lamp shade with nearly three years of scrapping history she collected of the Thursday night gang. She probably went home with a STIFF neck after wearing this heavy lamp shade as a hat for a few hours before the prize for the best headgear was awarded. Libby, this 'alternative' headgear will have a prime spot in the Blue Room for fellow scrapaholix to observe!

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Hi there, I have to say that I've realised that a lampshade is certainly not the most comfortable thing to wear as a hat!! I had lots of help from Gail on this creation as well as her doing her own hat! Thanks Desire and crew for such a lovely, fun and well-organised day, I really enjoyed myself and I can't wait for next years one. When can I book? Lots of love Lib's.


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