22 September 2006

THE REAL TP (Teacher's Pet) - The saga continues! “I do not want to get involved in this war that you guys have going on but I thought that it was time that the truth revealed itself. Despite your weird and wonderful illusions of who the real TP might be, the honest truth is that I am. There can be no question about that cos like they say “the proof is in the pudding”. My name…that would explain it all… TP. So ladies…give it up…the battle is lost and yes Libby, that would include you.” Well Libby, this is very unfortunate - with you just being declared is 'The Real Teacher's Pet - The One and Only!?? Libby, please will you investigate who this intruder on your turf is! - On an urgent basis


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I thought the TP issue was done & dusted. Annonymous better own up QUICK!! You don't know what you are in for with the TP Gang, be warned, or should I say be afraid be veeeery afraid!!
    TP Gang Secretary signing off

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Okay, this is where I have to step in. Even though I am devistated bout NOT being the TP, NONE of the Thursday nighters will accept an intruder posing as the TP. Do you realise intruder, there are a whole group of strong minded people now looking into this - BEWARE - DO KEEP LOOKING OVER YOU SHOULDER.

    Signing off - The once presumed TP

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Apparently I now have to employ a few bodyguards (the hunky kind) cos I am meant to be fearing for my life. Sorry to disappoint you but i am not that easily intimidated. Let's see how long it takes the THURSDAY NIGHTERS to figure this out...But to be on the safe side I WILL watch my back from now on.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Michelle - it HAS to be you ( be honest now ), what with the large PS bar etc. This teacher of ours can lead you on, she did the same with me (Bev ) and then printed below is proof , as she wrote " teachers pet Libby - come on now it is in black and white.

    The ONCE presumed TP ( BEV )

  5. Anonymous4:14 PM

    This is an absolute outrage.....who can this imposter be??? I suggest that at the next TP Gang meeting we mull this over (with a piece of milk tart)......I'm thinking that maybe this new stranger is very confused maybe?? A Total Poop (TP) maybe?? TP Secretary - we need to add this to the top of the agenda. It's bad enough that I have to constantly keep an eye on that wannabe "deputy" teachers pet (BEV) but know this??? I'm speechless...... Teacha - we need a list of all your other students asap - especially the ones with TP initials......let the investigation begin......Go TP, Go!!

  6. Anonymous7:08 AM

    How could you even think that I would try and muscle in on the TP - my initials aren't even close. I know where my place is!!!

    Michelle (the Walker)

  7. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Thanks for a HUGE clue Michelle, Desire please let us have a list of all your students with the initials T P . This is a matter of urgency.

    Thanks Love Bev

  8. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Okay Libby , thought you may be interested - inspector Dow - has established who the person who THINKS she is the teachers pet IS, the person you must cross question is non other than :-

    Thanusha Padayachee.

    Now its over to you Libby , my work is now complete.

    Signing out Inspector Bev Dow


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