16 October 2006

GP (going patiently) to GP (gangsters' paradise) - Friday, 13 October 2006 to Monday, 16 October 2006
Well ya, we did brave Friday the 13th. Fortunately we don't see 13 as an unlucky number. But if I had to read anything into Friday the 13th, then I could say that - with my jeans deciding to detach its fastening button whilst in the ladies at a Wimpy stop-over in Harrismith leaving me with a flapping belt - it was a tiny bit unlucky for me. Thankfully the zip stayed up without the button being fastened.
Whilst visiting the Bead People in Randburg, I just had enough of my gaping jeans and bravely approached the sales lady with a cry for help. Astonishingly she was very helpful and asked one of the resident beaders to loan me a needle and thread. I was so relieved when the 'very friendly' lady handed me a needle and thread. Little did I know that it was nearly impossible to thread a beading needle, even with glasses on (thanks Thanusha for not sharing this bit of useful information), so again I had to embarrass myself by asking the lady to help me thread the needle (just being Blondie), which she once again did with pleasure. At last I had a threaded needle and hastily reclined into a very comfy sofa next to a cappuccino machine (making sure there were no sneaking eyes around) and started sewing my button on. Once done, I felt whole again and could look the Gautengers square in the eyes without holding onto my pants.
Conroy, my 'very' personal chauffeur took me to Magic Memories' head office as well as Scrapbook Trading. I must say that we here in Durban cannot complain at all. We are actually more up to date with the latest supplies and trends than the Gautengers and our prices are VERY reasonable in comparison.
We stayed with Carel and Belinda our god children's (Duane and Kyle) parents for the weekend. Friday night we went for dinner at a Mediterranean Restaurant in the Cresta Centre, Randburg. The grub was divine. Saturday morning we went for breakfast at a News Cafe near Belinda-them and afterwards Belinda took me to the Crafters' Emporium (see previous post). I was very impressed with the quality and standard of items for sale, compared to our local craft markets. The rest of the morning me and Belinda had our own wheels and visited a few scrapbooking shops in the Randburg area i.e. Scrap-4-Africa and The Scrapbook. I was surprised to notice that our local scrapbooking stores are much more up to date with current supplies and that our prices are very CHEAP. So girls, don't worry, we are the fortunates down here in KZN.
Saturday afternoon we visited my niece Heidi and her husband Bernhardt. Their bambinos have grown. Zander, whom I have blogged about in February this year, was such a happy little 9-month old boy and one would never say that he had undergone two open heart surgeries and a hip operation during the first three months of his life. Alisha his 2-year old sister just would not pose for the camera and unfortunately I did not manage to take some well composed photos of her. But you must agree that these little ones are just too precious for words. Even Tigger the resident feline wanted to pose with cute little Zander.
Conroy watched the first half of the Currie Cup Final with Bernhardt while I was snapping away at Alisha and Zander. We left Heidi-them at half time and watched the second half and extra time at Belinda-them. When we got at Belinda's, Carel was outside watering the garden, because he was furious at the way the Bulls performed and refused to watch the rest of the game. After some 'calming essence' from Conroy, he managed to come and watch the rest of the game, but with loud and serious commentary on the side. Fortunately the Cheetahs and the Bulls drew the game (28/28) and the Currie Cup was shared - and we were saved from seeing the men doing the 'Leeuloop' for us (actually me and Belinda were a bit disappointed).
Sunday morning, I quickly had the tripod setup at their front door and after serious bribing got the men to settle down on the steps for some family photos. Even Bungu had his tail wagging and loved posing with his family. The photo's weren't that creative, but at least we got everyone snapped for future generations to gaze upon. After some home made prega rolls we left Belinda-them at 9:30am on our way to visit Terry and her family (one of my old running mates and best friends) in Pretoria.
We chatted away as usual reminiscing about days gone by and happy times shared and before we went for lunch at Caio in Brooklyn Mall I took some shots of Terry, her daughter Kayleigh (busy writing her matric exam) and her husband Roy. Their younger daughter Candice (Grade 8) was at choir practice which takes place nearly every Sunday from 9am till 4pm.
We left Terry-them at about 3pm on our way to Little Switzerland in the Berg, which we reached at about 6:40pm. We left Little Switzerland after breakfast at about 9:30am and took a detour to the Midlands Meander where Conroy spoilt me by buying me three Jeep shirts at Jim Green and afterwards treating me with scones at Granny Mouse. We reached home at about 2:15pm and mellowed for the rest of the afternoon.

Little Switzerland

Scones at Granny Mouse

- Ex Gautenger signing off


  1. Fun weekend had by all.

    Nice photos...

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    So much done in a short space of time. What a lot of fun! Great photos too. Nice to know that we have the most up to date scrapping goodies.

    Michelle (outside walker of the Botha's Hill Gang!)


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