16 October 2006

THE GRACEFUL ('headless') LADIES @ WORK - Monday, 16 October 2006 For some time I have been milling over the idea of displaying my beading creations by means of jewellery ladies. I have been surveying several shops for 'suitable' ladies, but could not find any. So when Julie Dawson (a colleague) popped into my office one morning with the latest Justine catalogue, little did she know that she will be the one to end my search. I could not believe my eyes when I saw, somewhere hidden between all the perfumes, a jewellery lady stand. No time went wasted and I immediately placed my order with Julie. Then of course I could not wait for Julie to collect my 'Justine' order containing the 'Justine Twins' (the pic below). Sorry Julie for being such a pain, but you will agree with me that when a women wants something, she wants it now.

From the left: One half of the Justine Twins, Lady in Red, the other half of the Justine Twins and My Fairlady

Then we all know that it never rains but pour - just the very next week I saw two beautiful jewellery lady stands in a little gift shop in Kloof, whilst on a pressie hunt for our family and friends in Gauteng. Needless to say, I left the gift shop with a gift for myself and none for our GP friends and family. (See Lady in Red, pic above). And then something happened that made me believe in telepathy. Whilst staying with Belinda and Carel, our god children's parents this past weekend, during our visit to Gauteng, Belinda took me to their local 'Crafters' Emporium'. During our walkabout in the shop we spotted some beautiful jewellery ladies and one very elegant lady caught my eye. I seriously had to restrain myself not to buy her, by convincing myself that my existing 'Lady in Red' and the 'Justine Twins' were more than sufficient. Belinda was also very impressed with this lady, but we both left the shop without her (now that is what I call will power). On our departure from Belinda them on Sunday morning, there was an exchange of gifts, which has become somewhat of a custom between our two families, who only see each other once a year, and guess what - there nicely wrapped Belinda handed me the very lady I fell in love with the previous day. I could not believe it. Thoughts of 'how did she manage to sneak out and purchase 'My Fairlady' for me'. 'No' she said, 'I did not purchase the one we saw at Crafters' Emporium, but have actually purchased My Fairlady two weeks ago at a home industry nearby, without the knowledge that you have actually started to collect them'. Now this was telepathy in its best form. So now I am a happy chappy with my four 'headless' ladies. - Signing off with the following advice: Your future depends on your dreams. Don't waste any time, go to bed NOW!

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  1. Those headless ladies are looking migthy fine...


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