02 January 2007

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Monday, 1 January 2007 No rest for the wicked. No hiding from the wicked either. The 'wicked' I am referring to here are the 'outside walker' Michelle and my 'darling' husband Conroy. Conroy gallantly strided into the Blue Room where I was busy churning out new layouts, triumphantly flashing a printout of an entry on Doing Life some time ago. You probably guessed, yes the '5 Missions Impossible' entry. Being the last day of 2006, he thought he would just do a quick check-up on me as to how many of the missions I have actually accomplished. He was politely informed that the '10 layout'-mission was just about to be nailed on the head. Oh, he says and 'what about the the '5kg loss'-mission? 'What do you mean?', I snapped back. 'Do you imply that I am fat?' (I was thinking to myself) and replied: 'I have not weighed myself yet' (now that was quick thinking, I thought).
So here's the proof that the '10 layout'-mission was accomplished:

It is hard to believe that at 10 months Zander has undergone two open heart surgeries as well as a hip operation. He is such a happy chappy. The only sign of his ordeals are the various scars on his little body.

- The not so wicked signing off


  1. Looking good on this mission completed!!!

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    The internet is a strange thing - I left a comment and it has disappeared! It took me a while to think up the appropriate wording, but here goes again -

    Well done on acomplishing your missions. Just as well you have the likes of Conroy and I checking up on you! (I am sure I have missed out on something I said previously, but I am sure this is just as good!! ha ha)

    I really enjoyed the designs.

    Looking forward to your 2007 missions.


    (The OW and MoBHG who is TPGC and is the MFV the DLA and also DLEWotN)


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